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Mark Dantonio has vision and purpose as the head of Spartan Football.  Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

Mark Dantonio has vision and purpose as the head of Spartan Football. Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

Hondo, with the success of the football program and the improvements made to the other stadium in Michigan, how far off are the overdue improvements to Spartan Stadium? A new scoreboard/sound system would be awesome and help with recruiting.   Also, the other school put in lights without ever hosting a night game...wouldn't we find them beneficial given Hollis's love for primetime and national exposure? Brian

Brian, you have to remember that UM really followed MSU and not the other way. MSU redid the press box and built luxury suites BEFORE UM. As far as lights that is not even close. MSU doesn’t lose out on any games and when they use lights at Spartan Stadium the networks rent them, or MSU does and are reimbursed. Why spend the money to buy them, maintain them, and all the ancillary cost when they cost nothing right now and don’t hinder the program? No sense paying for the cow when you’re getting the milk for free. Lastly, the scoreboard and sound system are on the horizon. With the economic issues plaguing our state, Mark Hollis is trying to do all he can to keep costs and prices down evidenced by his refusal to raise ticket prices after a Big Ten title.


Hey H, What's the word on Kittredge? Troy

James Kitteredge is a stud prospect that went to Vandy and will be at MSU. He will sit out this year that is why we haven’t spoke a lot about him. He will immediately compete on the DL. He has super hands and feet. They drooled over him as a recruit, and a new start in East Lansing will be good for him and will do well.


Hondo I was wondering with Mark Dantonio being so reserved, what does he think about the social media and his players? I follow some of the players on Twitter. John

Great question John. He is so concerned about social media that he brought in Troy Vincent the all world NFL DB to talk to the team about it this off season. Mark Dantonio is one of the most thorough people that I know and I can assure you that it isn’t on the back burner with him. He has his eyes set on it as you could tell with him bringing in Vincent.


Hondo, If Fonoti and Schofner win out at the tackle positions, it seems as if France would better help the team on the defensive side of the ball. Your thoughts? Jeremy

I would agree that if France doesn’t make the impact and win the job at tackle that he can contribute on the DL. The issue becomes if he loses out and it is close do you switch him over where he may not be as needed or keep him focused in on the OL? With the depth on the DL, I can tell you that if he loses at OT it will be close and you don’t switch back unless he is needed. OT is so important you want him if he is the backup in that frame of mind. Of course with injuries or guys not playing up then you have to let him go back.


Hi Hondo. Question: how will we utilize LT in his first year? I want to see this kid play!
John, West Bloomfield

Hi John! I want to see Lawrence Thomas play also, but look at Mark Dell, William Gholston, and Chris Norman. Ideally, they would love to redshirt him. I agree. I want to see him, but next year. Let him just get a year under his belt. He will get a shot like all freshmen, but it would be a great thing if he can redshirt. I know that there is some regret that those above-mentioned players didn’t get to redshirt so let’s hope that the veterans play well so he can. We shall see and that is what makes football great.



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