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Comley has his own stamp on MSU Hockey, and it is a good one!

Make no mistake that in the legends of college hockey; Ron Mason is the greatest ever. Their is nothing to argue so don't try. 

With that said, an argument can be made that MSU's current coach Rick Comley is not far behind and could finish as the second best, and if he coaches long enough maybe even overtake his mentor. 

I have been an outspoken supporter of Comley since he was hired and all you have to do is look at the last two years as proof of how good he is. 

In the last ten years of Ron Mason as the MSU Hockey coach he won two (2) NCAA games. Comley has won three (3) and is still alive in the Frozen Four in the last two seasons. 

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I think that the Spartan Nation has been unfair to Comley and he has earned the love and adoration that Mason got with his performance. We were spoiled with Mason but so was he. No coach will ever get the love that Mason got and only win two (2) NCAA games in ten years ever again. 

I admit that I like Coach Comley personally as well as professionally, but that has nothing to do with it. The point is that he is a great coach, and we are so fortunate to have him. On and off the ice every member of the Spartan Nation can hold their head high that he represents us, and his wife, daughter and son are also great people. 

MSU Hockey is going to have a terrific Frozen Four. Win or lose it all, we will have the best coach and the best program and one that all of us can take pride in saying is ours. I don't think anyone could have survived replacing a legend, and done it with as much class as Comley. If you can't love that guy, then you are the one with the issues. MSU was lucky that we had Mason making the pick for his successor. He knew what we needed and he got it: Comley! I can't wait for the Frozen Four and what this means to this school. From Comley on down there is only one war cry: GO State!