Spartan Hockey misses a great opportunity! Comley speaks for the whole Spartan Nation by saying: “We're disappointed.”

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Spartan Hockey misses a great opportunity! Comley speaks for the whole Spartan Nation by saying: “We're disappointed.”

The spin was that they were excited to get the point for the tie last night in Detroit against archrival UM. The reality is that up 3-0 they should have gotten two. Make no mistake that Spartan goalie Jeff Lerg is a stud and he showed those credentials with 54 saves while facing 57 shots. After the game he was not pointing any fingers when he took the blame for the three goals. He is the epitome of what being a Spartan is. Sadly his defense was what deserved the blame.

The disappointing thing is that anyone who watches hockey saw a much faster UM team frustrated by an opportunistic Spartan team. With a 3-0 lead the Spartans were in no place to let the Wolverines back in but they did. The defensive play of the Spartans was hideous. I asked MSU hockey coach Rick Comley after the game about the less then stellar defensive performance of his team and he simply responded “well we are what we are, and we know that at this point in the season.” I totally agree.Â

This isn’t a slam on Comley he is a great coach and has done a terrific job. The issue is that this team hasn’t lost in over a month and had a chance to tie the Wolverines in the CCHA standings and you can’t let ones like this slip away. When you have less than two minutes to go having been up 3-0 to beat you arch rival and tie them in your conference standings and you can’t close the deal that screams that you have issues. Youth and the sweat of learning to win being the biggest issue among them. Don’t question the heart or talent or character of these kids, they have all of that but they have to learn to win, and they have to learn to close the win. Something that they demonstrated last night they can’t do…yet

Make no mistake Comley is one of the best in the nation for a reason. When he exited the Spartans locker room he said, "we're sitting in the locker room afterward, getting out shot like that and we still come away with a point. We're disappointed, but we're not going to hang out heads. I agree coach, there is no reason to hang your heads but it is a real thing to be worried about.

The Spartans certainly aren’t one of the elite in the nation, but last night was what Coach said it was: a disappointment. Had you told me before the game that we would get a tie I might have walked away saying O.K., but not this way, not with how it happened. It was disappointing and I would go one step farther, it was a victory for UM.