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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, I always loved your interview on the radio show with Parrker Westphal. It seemed that the two of you had a great relationship. Do you have a clue why he picked Northwestern over MSU? Joseph

Once MSU picked up a commitment from Montae Nicholson the writing was on the wall. Parrker is a great talent and a super kid. It is a classic example of a kid waiting. He certainly got to attend a great school, but did he wait too long?

Hondo: Maybe I'm missing something, but doesn't State need a wide receiver in this class? Usually you hope for at least 2 and as of now they have none. Bruce

Need wouldn’t be the word I would use. They have overloaded previously and there are some players in this class they have talked to who could play both sides. Need? Not necessarily, but the class isn’t over yet.

Shame on Mark Dantonio for suspending Max Bullough and costing his team a Rose Bowl win. He should be fired and Narduzzi hired immediately. Obviously his right wing everything is black and white Jesus prism does not allow him to be a winning coach. Print that fat (butt) Jake

Well, that non-winning coach is leading a 12-1 team into the Rose Bowl and I am sorry, but my fat butt cheeks can’t type so I used my fingers. By the way, I didn’t realize they have already lost the Rose Bowl. Is your real name Biff and are you from “Back to the Future” with the score book?

Hondo, I have no idea what Max did. I am proud that whatever it was Coach Dantonio has principles and morals and he did what was best for the team. Win or lose I am proud of our coach. You have written and talked for many years about the depth of his character and once again he proved it. Melissa Stump

Your type of email represents about 30% of the interactions I have had with fans. Thanks Melissa.

Hey Hondo, I have always held Andrew Maxwell in very high regards, although I have never met him. His classiness, intelligence, and unselfishness absolutely amaze me. We live in a day of "me first" and he seems to fly in the face of that motto. He could have easily blasted the coaches for not preparing him, removed himself from the team, or spoke ill of his replacement, but he has not yet done so. Very admirable for such a young kid to do. Alex Pedersen

Agree. In this past month’s Spartan Nation Magazine Mark Dantonio joined me for an exclusive interview and we discussed that point. He agrees with you.

Hi Hondo, Can you explain why you sometimes refer to Spartan Stadium as the "High Cathedral"? Got to admit, it rubs me the wrong way inside a bit, as if sports are crossing over into worship. James Vintzel

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Thanks James. I use it only as a term of endearment.

As an alumnus of Michigan State I am so sad, exasperated, and depressed. Not only did the captain of the team and face of the program falter, but the non-sensical cover up and PR fiasco by the University has led to every Sportscenter being about Rather Hall, I mean Max Bullough. Every party has screwed this up. Lance

Hondo, with all the hype we hear about Demetrious Cox, am I just being a negative nancy for comparing it to the hype we heard about Gholston and how reality fell far short of expectations? Any comparisons you can make between the two of them at this point? Josh Wahlstrom

Gholston was a very hyped player that had very little competition to push through to play. Had there been any, he wouldn’t have had as many reps as he did young. Add to that, one of the reasons he left early (drafted in the 4th round) was that Shilique Calhoun was pushing him and there was no promise he would have kept his starting job. Cox is a stud on a team of studs. The luster isn’t off his star in my opinion.

Hondo, nothing has been said about the two injuries to the offensive line in the osu game. How is the health of the off line? Jim Coady

Should be full go. Stay tuned for updates should that change.

Is the team broken hearted about Max, or are they fired up? Rick Emerson

I think they are excited to show that they are a team and not built on one player. I don’t get the sense of being broken hearted at all.

Hondo, I am sure that you know what happened with Max and I just would like to hear you comment on if Dantonio did the right thing? Lacy

I support Coach D 100%.

Hondo, I know you have been a strong supporter of Max Bullough. If I remember I think you were the one who broke his commitment to MSU. Without divulging anything that is not public, can you tell me what you are most disappointed with? Will

Most disappointed? Of course with Max, but even more with people. I AM NOT including rank and file fans, but people I know. Boosters, MSU employees, and other “Spartan” people have invaded me by texts, emails, Facebook messages with “Insider” info. 99% pure falsehood. A total pathetic joke. I would expect it from outsiders, but many of these people are relatively (some BIG TIME) connected. I can’t believe people blasting Mark Dantonio for what he did and not knowing the details or people spreading gossip like wildfire. I watched one person making fun of people speculating who sent me FOUR different emails with their “inside” scoop with what happened. I have a list of 29 things Max allegedly did. Are you kidding me? I am most disappointed with people. Max should have done differently, MSU should have handled it differently, and almost everyone else should have. I guess if I was being totally truthful I would call it sad more than disappointed.

There you go everyone. That is this week’s question and answer article. If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A