News and Notes from Around the NFL

Hondo S. Carpenter

News and Notes from Around the NFL

The Lions game vs. the Patriots not only was broadcast nationally, but it got a lot of attention. Sure, the Patriots had nearly eight defenders not present that are significant contributors and that should be pointed out. What you also have to look at more importantly because based on last year you know the Lions #1s on O can score, is that the Lions D stymied the Patriots. Not just the ones, but the twos AGAINST their ones…a great sign for the Lions. I still think this team goes 8-8 and misses the playoffs, but they are CERTAINLY on the rise.   As long as you are pointing out who the Pats had out, the Lions were missing KVB and Nick Fairley?

I still think the Patriots go to the Super Bowl. I still think Ochocinco does well. They are still the Patriots and look back over their history and WHEN has the preseason ever been a predictor of their success?

I am a good buddy of Brian Hoyer, but why in the world did the Patriots keep Brady in when he was getting beat up by the Lions? I guess because they have a lot of faith in Hoyer. 

I still think Peyton Manning starts the season playing, so do others much closer to the situation. We shall see.

Tebow talk is heating up. With the Broncos seeming to have regulated him there is a general angst among the fans that love the kid. Teams are already inquiring about his availability via a trade. I was told that a team offered a sixth rounder for him. Not nearly enough for the Broncos to make their former first rounder go away.

Former NFL great Randy Cross came out and said that he thinks the dislike of Tebow is because he is so vocal about his faith. I agree with Cross, himself a devoted believer, but who cares. It is all about winning.

I don’t know one NFL defensive player (and I know a lot) that won’t privately say how much they would love to play for Rex Ryan and the Jets. He is a true players’ coach and his players are out there blowing the horn about how much they love their coach and want to win for him. If the Jets get over the hump, this one is on Ryan. He is tough, but his players truly love the guy.

When Ndamukong Suh threw a punch at Patriots OL Logan Mankins a buddy of mine who plays for an AFC texted me this, “Well, that is another $10,000 from a guy who can afford it.” I agree.

The Packers won a Super Bowl with so many backups that this year they have to cut former starters and depth guys for guys that were brought in and they won with. What a dilemma. The NFL is salivating around the Packers waiting for each and every cut. They are trying to trade some guys before having to cut them to at least get something, but they DON’T want players. They have enough of them.

Cardinals’ fans rejoice. The Patrick Peterson you picked #1 played and looked like it. Relax he will be fine. He is an elite player and will be that for you.

I told you months ago during the lockout that players were disgusted by the behavior of their fellow league mates, but that because the NFL locked them out they didn’t think NFL Commissioner Roger GODell could do anything with discipline. GODell, according to people in the league office, wants to do something, but is getting the advice in the building that it won’t stand. We shall see.

I told you all during the lockout that former Giants RB Tiki Barber would not get a lot of play once the season actually happened and you are seeing it. Locker room presence on a not ELITE player is so big and people are scared away. One team needing a RB told me, “We would sign you before him. He is a cancer for the locker room.” At 296# I am sure I could handle short yardage, but that isn’t good news for Barber who I think will find a home once the season starts and someone needs a RB because of an injury if at all.

For the first time in a long time, teams are looking at the Detroit Lions and wondering who will get cut. A buddy of mine who works for an NFC team just asked me about a certain player and if I think he gets cut. How long has it been since teams salivated at whom the Lions might cut? It wasn’t too long ago that teams didn’t look at the starters and salivate.


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