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New MSU Offensive Coordinator, Dan Roushar, looks to keep the Spartan offense moving forward.  Photo courtesy of Michigan State University.

New MSU Offensive Coordinator, Dan Roushar, looks to keep the Spartan offense moving forward. Photo courtesy of Michigan State University.

Recently, Spartan Nation spoke with new Michigan State offensive coordinator, Dan Roushar. Roushar was recently promoted from the Spartans’ offensive line coach to the leader of the potent MSU offensive attack. Roushar has proven himself to be an outstanding coach, and no doubt will thrive in his new position.

When speaking about his promotion Roushar’s excitement was unmistakable. Roushar called the Spartan offensive coordinator position a “great opportunity.” He explained that now is a great time to take this job because “our staff is intact and we have a lot of experienced players coming back and have an outstanding QB that we can build around.” It’s hard not to agree with Roushar as the Spartans will be returning nearly all of their top skill players as well as offensive line standouts Joel Foreman and Chris “Magnus” McDonald.

Roushar also talked about the process of transitioning from Don Treadwell’s regime to his own. He had great praise for his predecessor, stating “Don was an exceptional listener and he had tremendous poise.” He noted that although the offense will certainly stay much the same, and he will try to build on Treadwell’s success, there will naturally be changes as happens when any new coach takes the reigns. However, those changes are likely to come only after a long process. “It’ll be a process of self scouting,” he said, “We need to look at what each player does well and find a way to gameplan around those strengths. But at the same time we need to look at our weaknesses too, and see if we can protect those deficiencies and at the same time remain sound and balanced.” Roushar also said his biggest transition is going to be taking his full attention away from the offensive line and looking at the big picture offensively. “I’ve had my input on the offense before, but my job was getting those 5 offensive linemen ready,” Roushar explained. Roushar is certainly up to that challenge.

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He also updated the Spartan Nation on the status of some MSU players this winter. He said that Arthur Ray was taking part in winter conditioning, and is getting close to his goal of working in full pads this spring. “It’s really exciting to see him out there,” said Roushar, “my main goal is to push him hard through the winter and see how he holds up.” He also stated that Henry Conway is also participating in the winter conditioning program, and has looked very good so far. The Spartan staff doesn’t know if he’ll be ready for the spring, but said that further MRIs and other tests should let them know sometime in the near future. Finally, Roushar also updated Spartan Nation on the status of injured tight end, Garrett Celek. He said that Garrett should be back by the spring and is currently “having a phenomenal winter.”

Roushar is also a devoted family man, and made time to speak about his wife. “She provides an incredibly supportive and secure environment in the time when I’m not at home.,” he said. “That is really what makes my job possible, and I admire and respect her for how much she does.” He carries that family attitude with him on to the field as well. He explained, “You have to make sure that the kids understand how much you care about them.” There is no doubt that his players understand this as well, as Roushar was one of the most popular coaches on the Michigan State staff as the offensive line coach. He continued, “When you get after a guy you have to quickly recognize that he’s trying, and we need to see how we can fix his mistakes and communicate.” This attitude will unquestionably serve Roushar well as he steps in to lead the Spartan offense.

Dan Roushar is another example of the fine character and talent that fills this Michigan State coaching staff. Spartan fans are lucky to have him as their offensive coordinator in 2011.