Spartan Nation Mailbag: Tom Izzo, Gabe Brown, & MSU Basketball

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What worries me about TI (Tom Izzo) is when he grabbed Gabe Brown. One of these days, the player is going to whirl around and swing at him...the optics on that will never go away...doesn't that concern you?

Gregory Seraydarian

Great question, and a simple answer: No.

Tom and Gabe, just like Tom and Aaron Henry and so many others, have a great relationship. Gabe is still here. I agree that optics are bad, but the reality is that the players love Tom inside the program. He loves them. I have zero worries or concerns about it.

Hondo, the BB's team poor performance this past year seems to me to be a combination of factors:

Point guard issues - we forgot how good Winston was.

  1. Outside of Henry, the talent at the different positions was relatively equal, which made it hard for determining roles.
  2. Because of 2, Izzo kept experimenting with different rotations looking for chemistry that stood out.

The chemistry issue never materialized, and neither did a rotation. It was a catch-22 position to be in as a coach. Rotations build confidence and chemistry, no chemistry, no rotation, no confidence. Your thoughts? Jim D.

I think with the benefit of 20/20 backward vision, you are correct. No one forgot how good Cassius Winston was. He is simply a tough player to replace, and they don't hang on trees.

As far as a rotation, I 100% agree. One could never materialize, and thus guys never fit into or slotted into their role. This past season was unlike any other, and so many things never fit.

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