In this "Bussin' With the Boys" episode, Will Compton and Bo Pelini talk at length about their time together at Nebraska, from Compton's recruitment all the way to Pelini's fallout with Nebraska.

NFL veteran Compton explains why Pelini was the most important coach he's had, but he does offer a thought about what Pelini could have done better during his seven seasons in Lincoln ending in 2014.

When you get chewed out by the head coach "and you feel like you’re letting everybody down, I feel like it festers in a young kid’s psyche. And then you play more not to mess up," Compton tells Pelini.

Pelini doesn't push back on that, saying, "You play not to make a mistake; you don’t play to win.” He later remarks: "The kids had so much pressure on them, and sometimes my personality added to that maybe."

They also discuss NIL issues, Pelini's future in coaching and much more. The segment was recorded in late July and released Wednesday. Forward to the 7-minute mark to skip the introductory material and cut to the chase. Go here for the HuskerMax discussion and here for a World-Herald summary.

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