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Husker A.D. Trev Alberts announced Monday afternoon that Scott Frost will be back as the Husker head football coach next season, albeit with a restructured contract. Also, several of Frost's assistants have been let go. Gone are Matt Lubick (OC), Ryan Held (RB), Mario Verduzco (QB) and Greg Austin (OL).

Their responsibilities for the rest of the season will be taken by longtime former Husker assistant Ron Brown (RB), Frank Verducci and Steve DeMeo (OL), Steve Cooper (QBs) and Mike Cassano (WRs). These coaches have been on Frost's staff as analysts.

What do these changes mean for the Husker football program? The main thing is Scott Frost will remain as the Husker head football coach.

While change can be disruptive, new assistants may prove to be a positive thing for the Husker football program. It underscores Frost's (and Alberts') commitment to restoring Husker football to its "rightful" position among the elites of college football.

What we don't know yet is how the contracts are going to be drawn for Frost's new assistants. Any new hire worth his salt will need to have more than a one-year contract - especially if the head coach is on the hot seat.

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One of the difficulties for Frost is having to part ways with his longtime assistants. When coaching changes happen, families are uprooted, homes have to be sold and new ones bought. Kids have to be taken out of their schools.

The process can get messy. But Frost also is smart enough to read the handwriting on the wall. Chances are, if he refused to make changes to his staff, he'd likely be shown the door.

Another real question is what will be the impact of the players already on campus? Will they be more inclined to leave Nebraska in the transfer portal? And if so, what effect will their leaving have? If (when?) players leave after the season, that might not be bad. But remember, the transfer portal works both ways. Nebraska may add some great players who can help the Huskers next year.

And we won't know for a while what the coaching changes will have on the 2022 Husker commits and beyond.

Time will tell. In 2003, Frank Solich overhauled his staff and the team went from 7-7 in 2002 to 10-3 the following year..