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Each year since 2018 (with the exception last year, when COVID-19 restrictions prohibited fan attendance), I’ve asked Husker fans their opinion about Husker assistant coaches. Saturday morning before the Ohio State game, I asked 100 Husker fans the same question I’ve asked each year: “Which Husker assistant coach has done the best job this year?”

To no surprise, the defensive coaches dominated this year’s survey, claiming all but seven of the votes. And for the first time, there was a clear majority winner.

• Defensive coordinator Erik Chinander was the runaway winner, scoring 59 votes. Next in order, were:• Defensive line coach Tony Tuioti (15 votes)• Inside linebacker coach Barrett Ruud (12 votes)• Defensive backs coach Travis Fisher (5 votes)• Tight ends coach Sean Beckton (3 votes)• Quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco (3 votes)• Running backs coach Ryan Held (1 vote)• Outside linebackers / special teams coach Mike Dawson (1 vote)• Offensive line coach Greg Austin (1 vote)

The only assistant not to receive a vote was offensive coordinator Matt Lubick.

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The two previous winners fell far down the chart this season. In 2019, Fisher was the winner with 31 percent. In 2018, Verduzco was the winner with 45 percent. This year, the three who voted for Verduzco qualified their vote with, “I like his glasses.”