What Trev Alberts Said About Scott Frost and Staff a Year Ago

Well before he became the Nebraska coach's boss, Alberts spoke of stability.

Before we get to into the weeds, this video is from a year ago. Trev Alberts was still the A.D. of UNO and Scott Frost only had two losing seasons, but the reason I post it is because I think he makes some great comments about the stability of the football program in regard to the current American psyche.

I'm going to release more of this interview over time because I think he has some valuable insight and it will also be interesting to compare his thoughts from then to how they change or don't change over the course of the season.

Over the past few years, let's say... I don't maybe eight years give or take I've had the very lucky opportunity to interview some of the all-time Husker greats, their opponents, fans and coaches AND of all of them Trev Alberts may have been the most engaged, genuine and easiest to speak to.

Whether you are a fan of his hiring or not, I urge you to give these a listen to. It may change your opinion one way or another. Or maybe not. You do you. I'm not your dad.

Also, this interview came from a podcast, The Big Red Cobcast, with co-interviewer Pat Janssen. He's great.

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