Getting to know the Ohio State Quarterbacks

Justin Annesi

It is pretty hard to follow up what Dwayne Haskins did last year but that is what Justin Fields and the other QBs are going to try to do. They have thrown a combined 90 passes at the collegiate level so not a lot is known about these guys. Some people might not even know the names of the backup QBs, even though Justin Fields has just recently been named the starter. With that being said, let's get to know these quarterbacks, starting with the starter, Justin Fields.

Justin Fields - #1

-Hometown - Kennesaw, Gerogia

-Height/Weight - 6'3 225 lbs

-Highschool - was a 5-star recruit and the number 1 overall recruit in the country (espn).

-Year - True Sophomore

-Before OSU - Fields attended University of Georgia where he was the backup.

-Stats - 2018 - 27-39, 69.2%, 328 yards, 4 TDs, 0 INTs, 266 rushing yards, 4 rushing TDs

Chris Chugunov - #4

-Hometown - Skillman, New Jersey

-Height/Weight - 6'1 203 lbs

-Highschool - was a 3-star recruit, top 50 QB in the country (247sports).

-Year - Graduate Transfer/Senior

-Before OSU - Chugunov attended West Virginia University

-Stats - (across two seasons) 12-25, 57.1%, 96 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT

Gunnar Hoak - #12

-Hometown - Dublin, Ohio

-Height/Weight - 6'4 212 lbs

-Highschool - was a 4-star recruit, top 15 QB in the country (247sports).

-Year - Graduate Transfer/Junior

-Before OSU - Hoak attended University of Kentucky

-Stats - 2018 - 13-26, 50%, 167 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT

Danny Vanatsky - #10

-Hometown - Cincinnati, Ohio

-Height/Weight - 6'1 205 lbs

-Highschool - was not heavily recruited (no stars), given preferred walk-on.

-Year - Sophomore

-Before OSU - None

-Stats - None

Jagger LaRoe - #16

-Hometown - Colleyville, Texas

-Height/Weight - 6'3 216 lbs

-Highschool - not heavily recruited (no stars), signed to Texas A&M.

-Year - Redshirt Freshman

-Before OSU - Joined the team this summer after spending redshirt season at Texas A&M.

-Stats - None

J.P. Andrade - #18

-Hometown - La Verne, California

-Height/Weight - 6'3 205 lbs

-Highschool - was a 3-star recruit

-Year - True Freshman

-Before OSU - None

-Stats - None

Overall the Buckeyes have very little experience at QB with Justin Fields 39 career passes being the most of any QB. The small sample size that we got from Fields is very encouraging but outside of him all of these QBs are unknown commodities. I listed them in what I assume their order on the depth chart to be, but I am not sure if we would see Chugunov or Hoak in the event that Fields went down. Chugunov is a little more similar to Fields play style wise so I think he might be the next man up but hopefully we only have to worry about that because Fields is coming out because we are up 60-0.

We didn’t get to see a whole lot of Justin Fields last year so here are his high school highlights as a reminder of what he can do.