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Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald Fired: Former Buckeyes Coach Urban Meyer Back On The Sideline?

It's not out of the realm of possibility for the Northwestern Wildcats to engage in a search that could include former Ohio State Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer.
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There's been another coaching shake-up in the Big Ten. After an initial two-week suspension of Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald, the university has taken the next step to outright fire him after issues with hazing taking place within the program.

What does this mean for the Ohio State Buckeyes?  As Fansided extrapolates, it could mean coach Ryan Day staring across the field at none other than Urban Meyer on an upcoming gameday.

"If Northwestern wants to win more football games, Meyer is a name that they would be foolish to not look at," Fansided stated. "For how badly the Jacksonville thing went, there’s no denying that Meyer is an excellent college football coach. He wins games and championships and would certainly provide a jolt to a Northwestern program that hasn’t won anything of consequence in two decades."

As the upcoming college football season is right around the corner, the Wildcats have already named an interim head coach in defensive coordinator David Braun. There simply isn't enough time for a deep dive into a search for a new head coach.

But after this season it's not out of the realm of possibility for the Wildcats to engage in a search that could include former Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer.

The biggest question here is if Northwestern really wants to go from one scandalous situation to another. Considering Meyer's departure from Ohio State was due to other disreputable situations, the Wildcats program might not want to immediately turn down that road again.

But if Northwestern is serious about winning, it's almost impossible not to consider Meyer at some point. 

It's almost impossible to think that Meyer won't be coaching at the collegiate level again sometime soon. The question is will Northwestern or anyone else forget Meyer's past to take a chance at becoming relevant in the college football world?

Meyer can certainly do that in the right situation.

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