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1Oklahoma Announces $50k NIL Collective for Oklahoma Student-Athletes

An OKC non-profit will leverage NIL rules to pay OU football, basketball and softball players $40-50,000 a year, with an eye on expansion into other sports.

Oklahoma has entered the NIL game.

A collective called 1Oklahoma, headed by Hall of Fame football coach Barry Switzer, announced on Friday the formation of a collective that will “deliver the most comprehensive and impactful NIL offerings in the country” to OU student-athletes.

According to a press release, Switzer said 1Oklahoma will change the NIL game for OU student-athletes in every sport.

“We changed the game in 1981 at the university of Oklahoma by being a pioneer for schools to negotiation their own (TV) contracts and generate additional revenue,” Switzer said, referring to the landmark Supreme Court case in which OU and Georgia led a charge to deregulate college football games on TV, which led to a 1984 decision by the Court that put negotiation power in the hands of the schools and, by proxy, conferences.

“We are changing the game again with 1Oklahoma Collective,” Switzer continued in the release. "Through NIL, every OU football player will have an opportunity to earn between $40,000-$50,000 a year while positively impacting the community.”

1Oklahoma is a 501(c)3 non-profit that will work with and serve other non-profits throughout the state and will leverage the NCAA’s new rules on student-athletes monetizing their name, image and likeness.

“For starters,” Switzer said in the release, “1Oklahoma provides unique NIL opportunities for football, men’s basketball and softball, with a vision of expansion to other sports,” Switzer said.

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1Oklahoma isn’t the first NIL collective out there, but Scott Williams, CEO of 1Oklahoma, said in the release that the collective’s offering are the most comprehensive in the country.

“The earning potential varies between sports and among athletes,” Williams said. “For instance, every OU football player will have the opportunity to earn between $40,000-$50,000 each year from 1Oklahoma NIL deals.”

Williams said athletes can still participate in additional NIL activities outside the 1Oklahoma collective. Student-athletes’ “service offering” will benefit various non-profits throughout Oklahoma.

The collective is still in the infant stages, Williams said, and is eliciting “overwhelmingly positive” response from athletes as well as other non-profits.

The collective will operate “through generous donations and volunteer service,” per the release. More information can be found at

The website lists several non-profits it has partnered with, including Lindsey House, GroundZero and City Center.

“A group of Oklahoma businessmen, community leaders, alumni, and leaders in the faith-based community have partnered alongside Hall of Fame Coach Barry Switzer to form a one-of-a-kind NIL collective doing business as 1Oklahoma Foundation,” the website reads. “1Oklahoma Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to collaborating with and serving some of the most impactful non-profits throughout the state of Oklahoma through the Name, Image, and Likeness of OU athletes.

“1Oklahoma Foundation Athletes will have the opportunity to earn NIL Revenue while contributing to the greater good of their community. This impact will come via partnerships with 1Oklahoma partner non-profits in various communities throughout Oklahoma. The spirit of making a difference aligns with the high standards for student-athletes set forth by the OU athletic programs. It aligns with the statewide ‘Oklahoma Standard’ initiative of preserving and promoting a culture of citizens making a difference through Acts of Service. 1Oklahoma Foundation is excited to partner with OU athletes from the Football, Men's Basketball, and Softball Programs.”