Big 12 alters COVID-19 policies

Parker Thune

The Big 12 announced Sunday night that their policies for student-athlete activities during the COVID-19 pandemic would undergo slight changes.

The conference released a statement that laid out guidelines for permissible and impermissible team activity as the coronavirus continues to hold the country and the world hostage. The Big 12 will allow "non-athletically-related support to student-athletes," including mental health and academic support as well as medicine and treatment.

Big 12 coaches "can recommend written, self-directed workout plans provided they are approved in accordance with proper procedures," but there can be no in-person or virtual workout supervision.

The statement indicated that "policies noted will commence at 7am CDT, Monday, March 30, 2020 and remain in effect until May 31, 2020 or until additional guidance is provided."

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