Caleb Williams Not Quite As Impressive on Day 2 of Elite11, But Still Among MVP Contenders

Parker Thune

Day 2 at the Elite11 brought pro day workouts for the competitors, and for the first time all week, Caleb Williams looked mortal.

The Sooner target, who is scheduled to commit Saturday, uncharacteristically missed several throws on his pro day script. He eventually finished 12-for-19, with three drops from his wideouts. Though it wasn't the cleanest performance from the five-star signal-caller, he still showed elite flashes along the way.

Here are three observations based on Williams' performance at pro day:

1) Williams is far more confident throwing to his arm side than his weak side. Most of his misses came on throws to the left side of the field, and he airmailed a couple of out routes. One pass came out wobbly as he rolled to his left. However, when he threw to his arm side, it looked effortless, and he scarcely delivered a pass that wasn't perfect.

2) Williams' arm strength is unrivaled among his peers. His arm talent is reminiscent of Aaron Rodgers, as he can unload perfectly placed deep balls with nothing more than a flick of the wrist. While his competitors often had to wind up or gather for their downfield tosses, Williams didn't have to alter his throwing motion or body position at all. The prospect of Williams throwing seams to the likes of Mario Williams and Cody Jackson is tantalizing.

3) Williams has to improve his consistency with ball placement. He's got a beautiful, fluid, repeatable throwing motion, not to mention insane zip on the ball. If he can deliver the ball to his receivers in stride consistently, he's going to be darn near unstoppable. It's just a matter of ironing out those small kinks.

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