Caleb Williams Discusses Chance of Early Enrollment

Parker Thune

Caleb Williams already stands head and shoulders above the competition.

So it makes some sense that he doesn’t want to waste any time preparing to compete at the next level.

In his latest ‘All on the Line’ blog via SI All-American, Williams indicated that he may dual-enroll in order to arrive in Norman a semester early. That would put Oklahoma’s prized five-star quarterback commit on campus by January 2021.

“With this whole virus, us potentially not going back to school, I might be in Norman earlier than an early enrollee, but on my own accord,” Williams wrote. “Not a part of the team yet or anything like that, but getting used to being there, meeting my new teammates, meeting with the coaches, learning the playbook, getting familiar with where I’m going to be for the next three to four years.”

Williams says that he’s taken to intersession courses as a method of accelerating his graduation.

“I’m taking this academic, summer school class,” he wrote. “I’ve been focusing on that. I’m taking this class to kinda get ahead. We don’t know what’s gonna go down with school and with football.”

The uncertainty of the times is an obvious detriment to Williams’ blossoming career, as well as the football world as a whole. But he refuses to get bogged down by the situation, and continues to recruit his peers to Oklahoma fervently. His pitch only improved Monday morning, as he was named a MaxPreps All-American.

“Trying to get these guys to come along, like my dad always says, and drink the Kool-Aid,” he wrote. “Mainly defensive players, offense is a little bit easier, so I’ve been recruiting defensive players.”

Though very much unsure what the immediate future holds, Williams continues to maintain a positive outlook. Even with his senior season of prep ball in doubt, he hasn’t slowed down his preparation.

“We would love to have a season, but we don’t know,” he wrote. Like I’ve said in the past, you’ve got to focus on the present and what you can control. That’s what I’ve been trying to do. Staying busy at home, still talking to the guys, my coaches.”

Though Williams is pledged to Oklahoma, he’ll continue to write weekly blogs for SI All-American. Stay up to date with SI Sooners for the latest from Williams and plenty of other recruits in the 2021 class.