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Former Oklahoma Players Speak Out On Cale Gundy Resignation

Several of Gundy's former players have taken to social media to speak on his behalf after his sudden resignation on Sunday evening.

The Oklahoma program and fan base are still reeling after a bombshell resignation from longtime assistant Cale Gundy was suddenly announced on Sunday night.

Gundy, who was a player with the Sooners in the early 1990’s and has been an assistant with the team since 1999, stepped away after using what Brent Venables described as a “racially charged word” when reading off of an unnamed player’s iPad.

In the wake of the sudden departure of OU’s longest-tenured assistant, many of Gundy’s former players have taken to social media to speak on the situation - including current running backs coach DeMarco Murray.

“I came here in 2006 for the tradition and the love of this program,” Murray wrote in a statement posted on Twitter. “Also the love for Coach Gundy, he’s provided so much knowledge to me over the years and I will always support and love him as well as his entire family. What transpired was unacceptable during position meetings. We must use this time to educate and continue to unify. I know the character and the man Coach Gundy has and is, more importantly I know his heart and what he stands for. I wouldn’t be the man I am today without his love/guidance he’s shown me and my family as well as countless other student athletes over the 25 plus years. He’s not just my former coach, but a great friend of mine that will always remain that and more.”

Also posting some thoughts was former running back Adrian Peterson, offering some support to Gundy.

“I want you to know that I support you as you go through what I can only imagine as being one of the toughest situations you’ve had to deal with in your life!,” Peterson wrote. “I know you…not only as Coach Gundy, but also the man, husband, and father. I’ll always have nothing but love and respect for you! I love you, brother, and I’m so appreciative for the impact you’ve had on my life. The Sooner nation won’t ever be able to replace what you bring to the table! Just know that you’ll be missed and never forgotten.”

The first to offer some lengthy thoughts on Gundy’s departure was another former running back in Joe Mixon, who quickly took to social media on Sunday night to let his feelings be known on the resignation of his former coach.

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“Coach Gundy is everything OU and any institution would want in a coach, teacher, and mentor,” Mixon wrote. “He is caring, thoughtful, intelligent, smart, funny, experienced, philanthropic, humble and selfless. If not for Coach Gundy I would not have attended OU, survived at OU, stayed at OU, and succeeded in life after OU. I owe my education and professional career to him and most importantly owe who I am as a person to him.”

“In conclusion, I offer my highest support and admiration for Coach Gundy and will be extremely disappointed with the school, the program, and the administrators if he is not allowed to continue as coach at the university going forward.”

Former wide receiver Dede Westbrook also with some thoughts:

“I don’t care what anyone has to say, Coach Gundy will always have my respect as a man and a coach,” Westbrook wrote. “From the very first day he got in contact with me when I played JUCO, he went out of his way to show me he believed in me. He always wanted me to not only be a better football player but also a better human being. I just want to thank him with the most sincerity I have for investing the extra time he did with me. He didn’t have to ride around town following me in my 1997 Lincoln continental with the bass blaring. He didn’t have to make trips to my hometown just to eat breakfast tacos with me at my favorite restaurant, and he most certainly doesn’t still have to call me to this day just to check on me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without people like Coach Gundy who believed in me and always pushed me to be better. I’ll stand behind good people like that always with no shame.”

Former running back Samaje Perine also chimed in with some support to Gundy as well:

“I can’t say enough about the type of guy (Cale Gundy) is,” Perine wrote. “He’s been a stand up guy well before he came into my life, and I know he will continue to be. You already know you have my utmost respect coach, I’m always in your corner.”

The fallout from this unprecedented situation has only just begun, with more details on how everything transpired likely to trickle out in the coming days.

AllSooners will provide more updates on the shocking development in Norman as they become available.