In a Rough first half, Oklahoma fans chant for Caleb Williams

Rattler throws an interception, inciting OU fans to call for his backup.
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NORMAN — Oklahoma football fans didn’t hide their disdain for quarterback Spencer Rattler on Saturday night.

During an uneven first half against West Virginia in which Rattler struggled — both with finding time to pass and delivering the ball to his receivers — the crowd began to chant for Rattler’s backup, Caleb Williams.

“We want Caleb! (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap) We want Caleb!”

Spencer Rattler

Spencer Rattler

Rattler had just thrown a dreadful interception before the chant started.

He floated a pass to Drake Stoops, was open behind the WVU secondary, but the ball was badly underthrown.

Cornerback Daryl Porter charged the ball, but it went through his hands. Still, the ball was so badly underthrown that another WVU defender, backup corner Jackie Matthews, made the catch as fans began to boo.

Trailing 10-7 at halftime following a field goal as time expired, the Sooners’ offensive problems continued against the Mountaineers’ defense, producing only seven points. It’s the third game this season OU has scored only once in a half (three points in the second half against Tulane, seven points in the first half against Nebraska).

Rattler completed 7-of-11 passes for just 73 yards with one touchdown pass to Austin Stogner.