Kyler Murray Hasn't Shut the Door on a Baseball Career

The former Oklahoma star said he would love to be able to play both football and baseball professionally.
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Kyler Murray still hasn’t shut the door on baseball.

The former Sooner star was featured on the Sports Illustrated cover alongside Bronny James, as both have joined the esports group FaZe Clan.

While explaining his love for gaming, Murray said he considers himself a three-sport athlete, and that he still thinks he could play football, baseball and esports professionally.

“If the time came where I got to do what I wanted to do, which, I don't know, but I'm leaving it open,” Murray told Darren Urban of “I think I can still play for sure, but we'll add the gaming on to that. Don't shortchange me, please.”

Urban said Murray was smiling as he broached the subject, well aware of the stir his comments would cause.

It’s incredibly unlikely Murray would be able to make such an arrangement work with the responsibly heaped on him as the franchise quarterback for the Cardinals, but he said he’d of course explore the option if it was feasible.

“I played the game my whole life. If I ever had the opportunity, for sure, I would definitely go for it,” Murray said. “What are we talking about? I'm sure anyone asking me about it would (take that opportunity) too. I'm not trying to start anything. I'm just talking.”

The Heisman Trophy winner has lived up to the hype in his first two years in the NFL. He was named the Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2019, and Murray was voted to the Pro Bowl in 2020.

Many expect him to take another step forward in 2021, as the Action Network has the quarterback listed with the joint-eighth best odds to win the league MVP, tied with Russell Wilson and ahead of his predecessor at Oklahoma, Baker Mayfield.

His early success in the NFL has led many to believe he made the right decision to stay with football after being selected with the ninth overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft by the Oakland Athletics.

Don’t expect to see Murray trotting out on to baseball diamonds next season, but it doesn’t mean the quarterback wouldn’t like to.