NFL Mock Drafts: Where Oklahoma players are projected

Creed Humphrey seems to be the Sooners' best candidate to land in the first round, with Ronnie Perkins not far behind
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With the Super Bowl behind us and the 2021 NFL offseason already underway, it’s a good time to examine where Oklahoma players will fall in this year’s NFL Draft.

This year’s event will take place April 29-May 1. The current plan for this year’s draft is again to be conducted virtually.

The Sooners could have one or two players selected in the first round, according to the NFL Mock Draft Database, which compiles projections from dozens of mock drafts nationwide.

The website also tracks each player’s overall ranking since last fall, showing upward or downward trends.

Center Creed Humphrey is OU’s top NFL prospect and, using the wide variety of projections, ranks as the 44th-best overall player in this year’s draft and projects as a second-round pick.

A number of media outlets and websites have projected Humphrey as a first-rounder, including Sports Illustrated, CBS and Pro Football Network.

Defensive end Ronnie Perkins comes in next as the No. 109-ranked prospect and is projected to go in the fourth round.

Six outlets have projected Perkins as a first-rounder, including Pro Football Network, although more recent mock drafts forecast Perkins as low as a fourth- or fifth-round pick.

Running back Rhamondre Stevenson is ranked No. 160 overall and projects as a fifth-round pick, with one outlet projecting him as a fourth-rounder, two as a sixth-rounder and one as a seventh-rounder.

Cornerback Tre Brown, who had a showcase-type performance at the Senior Bowl, is No. 208 overall and is projected as a seventh-round pick. One outlet casts Brown as a sixth-round pick, while two others, including Pro Football Network, predict seventh round.

The NFL’s Senior Bowl personnel also liked what they saw from right tackle Adrian Ealy, who ranks 219th overall and also is projected to go in the seventh round. Ealy is seen as anywhere from a fifth- to seventh-round pick.

Defensive back Tre Norwood ranks 336th and projects as an undrafted free agent.