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OU-Kansas State GameDay: Under the Radar

Michael Turk, Damond Harmon and Trevon West ... David Ugwoegbu ... Isaiah Coe ... Theo Wease

John Hoover: Michael Turk, Damond Harmon and Trevon West

Oklahoma's punt team must do what it can to limit Kansas State punt return specialist Phillip Brooks, who has four career punt return touchdowns, including a 76-yard runback this season. 

Michael Turk 2

For his career, Brooks averages an astounding 18.9 yards per return (the official NCAA record is 17.9, but Brooks doesn’t have enough attempts to qualify). 

OU punter Michael Turk is the best in the country at flipping the field with booming punts, and he’ll have to really focus on adding hang time this week — not to his YouTube video, but to his punts. Trevon West and Damond Harmon are the Sooners’ gunners on punt cover teams, so as Turk tickles the stratosphere, Harmon and West will need to get off their blocks and locate Brooks before he catches the ball. 

If K-State pops a big punt return or finds an edge elsewhere on special teams, the Sooners will be pressed to win this one.

Ryan Chapman: David Ugwoegbu

Between Danny Stutsman’s stellar performances in the first two games and the emergence of the cheetah position last weekend in Lincoln, David Ugwoegbu hasn’t gotten much shine this year. 

David Ugwoegbu sacks Collin Schlee for a safety.

David Ugwoegbu sacks Collin Schlee for a safety.

The veteran linebacker has 19 tackles and one sack so far, but the Sooners will need another steady performance from him to bottle up the Wildcat rushing attack. Deuce Vaughn and Adrian Martinez are both gifted runners, and they also represent the only semblance of offense Kansas State has played this year. 

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If Ugwoegbu can stay disciplined and correctly fit the run over and over, Oklahoma will be able to limit big plays from the Wildcat rushing attack and give the ball back to the offense time and time again.

Josh Callaway: Isaiah Coe

Isaiah Coe has done some really nice things over the first few weeks of the season after entering the year with a relatively unclear role on Todd Bates' defensive interior.

Isaiah Coe, Western Carolina Catamounts

Isaiah Coe

Against a Kansas State offense that has been extremely one-dimensional so far, shutting down their run game is going to put Oklahoma in a great position for success. Coe could very well play a big part of that in relief of Jalen Redmond and Jeffery Johnson

As long as those two guys are healthy, not a ton is ever going to be asked of Coe, so all he needs to do is capitalize on his opportunities. He's done that so far, so it seems perfectly within reason to think he can do it again on Saturday night. 

Ross Lovelace: Theo Wease

Theo Wease has already had a few breakaway catches this season. He’s at his best in open space, where his go-to move is planting a foot in the ground and turning on a dime. 

FB - Eric Gray, Theo Wease

Theo Wease (left) celebrates with Eric Gray. 

If the Kansas State defensive line is holding up Oklahoma’s run game, Dillon Gabriel will turn to the receivers he trusts. Wease is a very sure-handed pass catcher and is one of the Sooners’ strongest receivers. Kansas State is a physical team, meaning Oklahoma will have to match that physicality.

Aside from the passing game, Wease can be a game changer with his blocking. For Oklahoma’s talented running backs to breakaway for chunk gains, the wide receivers are going to have to hold their blocks on the outside. Wease could have an impact all over the field Saturday.