Oklahoma JUCO Transfer Commit ‘20 Perrion Winfrey (DT) Highlights and Evaluation

Matt Solorio

Winfrey could be the most important prospect of Oklahoma football’s 2020 class for a few reasons.

  1. The Oklahoma defense has lacked an elite interior defensive player since Gerald McCoy in '09. Not saying these two players are on the same level, but last time they McCoy was playing for OU, they finished 6th in the country and were without the current Lincoln Riley offensive machine. Winfrey already looks like he’s just as violent and perhaps even faster than McCoy at the same age.
  2. Most big-time recruits OU signs are on the offensive side of the ball, which could be the reason for the lack of national titles, despite their offensive dominance.
  3. Experience at the collegiate level means he’s ready to go day one.

Despite what most might think when they see 6’4 300, he’s not just a hole stuffer. This guy’s got some serious bend to him, and more often then stumbles, wiggles his way into the backfield. When you can move and bend between centers and guards at that height with that speed, you’re going to end up spending a lot of time in the backfield.

Winfrey can defeat blocks in damn near every way imaginable. He’ll stack and shed easily. He’ll cross face too, but the nicest is when he hits the dip & rip on guards. You mostly see that move from undersized ends of long tackles, but this man (6’4) will hit it on the interior. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a DT this good that’s NOT already playing D1. His strength and speed is something serious.

Boomer Sooner Recruiting 

In classic OU fashion, most of this talented class plays on the offensive side of the ball with the sparsest influx of talent coming from the defensive back group.

While both safety Bryson Washington and corner Ryan Watts are elite recruits, the OU brand of football is evident in their commitments. Lincoln Riley was the Big 12 coach of the year last year, and he’s just getting going. Who’s to say he doesn't finally figure it out? I believe in miracles.

But, as long as defense still wins championships (which could be changing right before our eyes), I don’t see any college offense defeating a completely loaded Clemson, Bama, or Michigan defense within the next few years.

But Winfrey is a step in the right direction.