Will This be Lincoln's Last Year at OU?

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Will this be Lincoln Riley's last year at Oklahoma? There will be many new coaching openings in the National Football League next year and the interest in Lincoln Riley will be mind boggling. Openings are expected at Washington, Miami, the Jets. Two that aren't open yet but might get his attention are in Cleveland and Dallas, Cleveland because of Baker Mayfield and Dallas well, because it's Dallas.

Let's talk about Cleveland first.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is already ALL-IN on Baker Mayfield, using his No. 1 overall pick on the former OU standout. What better way to insure you maximize your investment than to sign the Coach that got him to where he is-Lincoln Riley. Riley, a known QB whisperer, would be the perfect antidote to what ails the Browns, restoring Baker's confidence. If Browns GM John Dorsey could overwhelm Riley with say 6 years and $60 million dollars of Haslam's money, he could then turn his full attention to fixing his broken offensive line. That would make for a nice neat package for the Cleveland franchise and set them up for the long term.

Chances? 35%

Let's turn our attention to a more likely destination: The Dallas Cowboys.

Growing up in Muleshoe Texas, Lincoln Riley was always a fan of the team with the Star on their helmet. There is not a bigger name in Sports than the Dallas Cowboys. Being the coach of the Cowboys announces to the world "Look I've made it to the Top" It would put Lincoln's name in neon Blue and Silver letters. It doesn't get bigger than that. Jerry Jones has shown that he will spend what it takes to put the Cowboys in the spotlight, and his hiring of the Hottest Coach in college football would certainly cement that. BUT? Could/would Lincoln Riley coach under a hands-on owner like Jerry Jones? That would be the $60 million dollar question!

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Riley isn't going anywhere. He describes Oklahoma as a "Destination Job," one you go to and not one you are just passing through on to the Destination Job. Riley has much to prove in his legacy at OU with 4 previous coaches that stayed at least 15 years and each won over 110 victories and a total of 7 National Championships between them. Riley is off to a good start but he's got a way to go.

Right now he is working for the National Athletic Director of the Year in Joe Castiglione (19 years in same job) and has the full backing of the OU Administration. Riley is rolling with top recruiting classes that he can sell to from a awesome training and dormitory facility, multi-million dollar stadium improvements and a 2,000 square foot office seating 14 that has a 18 foot high ceiling. In his 3rd year, Riley is in the top tier of income paid to college football head coaches.

Riley is at the top of the world. He doesn't need to step down to the NFL.