Anonymous Poll of ADs Rank Ole Miss No. 11 in the SEC in Job Desirability

Nate Gabler

An anonymous poll conducted by AthleticDirectorU has ranked Ole Miss as the No. 11 athletic director job in the Southeastern Conference.

ADU polled a dozens of currently sitting athletic directors as well as executive-level administrators in the conference for this survey which was intended not to rank current success but to "provide detailed insights about the potential for success at each school."

"It’s imperative to note the Athletic Department Power Index is not intended or developed to analyze the performance or potential of the current Athletic Director at the respective institutions," the poll stated. "Rather, it is an assessment of the opportunity generally through the eyes of both peers and aspirants to the position were it to become available."

AthleticDirectorU's Athletic Department Power Index
AthleticDirectorU's Athletic Department Power IndexAthleticDirectorU's Athletic Department Power Index

Ole Miss. ranked No. 10 out of 14 in football success and No. 13 of 14 in men's basketball success. 

These ranks factored in athletic facilities, football success, men's basketball success, donor support, brand perception, leadership alignment, non-revenue sport success and quality of life. Interestingly, Ole Miss polled between No. 10 and No. 13 in all eight categories. 

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