Internet Reacts to DK Metcalf's Absurd Chase-down Tackle

Arizona Cardinals strong safety Budda Baker (32) intercepts a pass and is tackled short of the goal line by Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf (14) in the first half during a game at State Farm Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic via USA TODAY NETWORK Nfl Seattle Seahawks At Arizona Cardinals

Nate Gabler

Even Budda Baker was impressed. Even Budda Baker had to tip his hat to DK Metcalf. 

I'm still pretty sure Usain Bolt is the fastest human being on the planet. But for thirty minutes on Sunday night, DK Metcalf made the entire internet question that thought. 

After Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson threw a redzone interception to Arizona Cardinal safety Budda Baker, everyone in the building thought Baker was going to jog it in for an easy six points the other direction. DK Metcalf was the only person thinking otherwise. 

The former Ole Miss Rebel came out of nowhere, chasing Baker down for a touchdown saving tackle that was truly one of the single most impressive feats of athleticism anyone has seen on a football field in 2020. 

NFL Next Gen Stats recorded Metcalf running 22.64 mph while he traveled 114.8 yards to chase down Baker on his 90-yard interception return. Baker would reach a top speed of 21.27 mph. Metcalf's is the second-fastest recorded time on the season. 

The absurdly impressive feat shattered not just the internet, but also the Cardinals locker room. Even Baker himself weighed in. 

The Cardinals would win the game, but Metcalf got the last laugh. Here's some of the best Twitter reactions from the moment. 

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