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Lane Kiffin is Ready For New Year's Day

The Ole Miss Head Coach Talked To Reporters After Bowl Game Announcement

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin talked to reporters on Sunday after it was announced that Ole Miss would be playing Baylor on New Year’s Day in New Orleans, LA, in the Allstate Sugar Bowl. 

Kiffin talked about the team’s excitement about playing in a New Year’s Six bowl game after the most successful season in program history.

“We’re excited,” Kiffin said. “This is an awesome opportunity to play in a major bowl game, play in the Sugar Bowl. To me that’s what I feel like is every kid's dream when you grow up in the SEC areas, to play in the Sugar Bowl.”

The Ole Miss head coach discussed how the players have come together as a family in the locker room and how thankful he is for the opportunity to coach them.

“You know we’re very blessed,” Kiffin said. “To be in this position, I thank God for this opportunity to come here and how it’s all come together. I told [the players] before that they’re this amazing, blended family. We’ve got kids who have been here for six years, kids who got here this fall including a starter or two from the transfer portal. They really are a unique family.”

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Kiffin brought up going against Baylor in the Sugar Bowl and seeing their head coach, Dave Aranda, again. 

“Awesome opportunity to play a great program in Baylor, one that’s extremely well-coached,” Kiffin said. “[Coach Aranda] is a really great coach, he’s done an unbelievable job. Saw the end of their game and saw his post-game [interview] on the field and just how he speaks you can tell his passion for his players and how it’s about them and not himself.”

The Rebel’s head coach is excited about the chance to play in the Sugar Bowl against a great program and head coach.

“This will be an awesome matchup,” Kiffin said.

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