WATCH: Lane Kiffin Frustrated Following Conversation with SEC Officiating

Nate Gabler

Ole Miss very well may have gotten hosed on Saturday in their loss to Auburn. 

A kickoff play appeared to have clipped the pinky finger of a Tiger return man, which was clearly and immediately recovered by Ole Miss in the end zone. Instead, it was ruled a touchback. More egregiously than the ruling on the field was that the SEC officiating team did not even review the play.

Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin spoke to the SEC league offices regarding the play on Monday, right before speaking to media. Kiffin was late to in his typical time slot on Monday at noon, saying he needed to do a quick few minutes of yoga to decompress before speaking to media, as he says he may have said some things he shouldn't have. 

You can see everything Kiffin said below about the conversation.

Kiffin can't tell you or us media members much without avoiding a fine. However, you can tell in his exasperation and frustration how that conversation went – you can clearly tell Kiffin was very pissed off and not happy with the league's decision or their explanation of the decision.

Rather than type out the head coach's response, you'll get more from just watching the video and picking up on his tone. Give it a look.

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