#WeWantToPlay. Ole Miss Rebels Attempting to Reclaim the CFB Season

Nate Gabler


The idea of fall college football seems more bleak than ever as we enter the second full week of August. But players from around the nation, including some here at Ole Miss, are attempting to change the narrative. This fight might not be over yet.  

It's a script started by Clemson quarterback, and likely No. 1 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, Trevor Lawrence. 

As players, first in the Pac12 then expanding across the country, began to make death demands of the season in a #WeAreUnited movement, Lawrence was quick to say he supported that notion, but never backed down on one simple fact – he is adamant he wanted to play. 

As leaders from the Big Ten met on Sunday night with a reported agenda of pushing the football season to the fall, Lawrence's ideal took another major step to legitimacy. 

Players from around the nation, including a bunch here in Oxford and other well regarded players such as Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, joined in with the #WeWantToPlay movement. At one point, it was the highest trending topic on Twitter.

Now, it's taken another form of legitimacy.

At least for now, it seems like the vocal majority of athletes at Ole Miss support this desire to play college football in the fall. 

Unfortunately, that isn't really their decision. 

A high ranking official in the Ole Miss athletic department confirmed to The Grove Report on Sunday night that SEC athletic directors have three scheduled meetings for this upcoming week. In a normal week, they've been meeting just once and occasionally twice. 

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