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OXFORD, Miss. -- Well, that was something.

Jon Sokoloff of WCBI in Columbus, Miss., reported on Monday night that Ole Miss Rebels head coach Lane Kiffin was expected to be the next head coach of the Auburn Tigers and that he would be stepping down on Friday following the Egg Bowl. After that release, Kiffin essentially fought back on Twitter, denying the report. So now, where do we stand?

Here's what we do know, kind of know and don't know about the Lane Kiffin drama entering Tuesday.

What We Do Know

1. Jon Sokoloff had sources and felt confident enough to report the potential move.

Regardless of where you stand on this, it's clear that the smoke regarding Kiffin to Auburn has been out there for some time. Will he head to The Plains, or will he stay in Oxford? Apparently, things got real enough last night for a report to be made out of WCBI.

2. Lane Kiffin didn't take kindly to Sokoloff's report.

Here's where things got confusing. Lane Kiffin was obviously informed of Sokoloff's report on Monday night, and he responded with a set of trolling tweets directed at the reporter. Does that mean he's staying in Oxford, or was he simply upset that someone reported his move before he did it himself?

What We Kind Of Know

1. It appears that there is some form of truth in the Kiffin-to-Auburn talk.

Where there's smoke, there's usually fire. I place this under the "kind of know" section because, frankly, no one really knows what's true and what's not at this stage. How real are the rumors? Regardless, the rumors are out there, and Monday night only fanned the flame.

What We Don't Know

1. Will Lane Kiffin be the next head coach of the Auburn Tigers?

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Sokoloff's report indicates that he will, but Kiffin's responses to that report lend some to pause. Again, it could be that Kiffin just wanted to control the narrative, but what if the report causes him to back out of a move that he had intended on making? That's pure speculation on my part, but at this point, is anything impossible?

2. Why did Kiffin react how he did on Twitter?

This kind of plays off of my last point. Maybe Kiffin reacted the way he did because the rumors that have been out there are blown out of proportion. Maybe he did it because he wasn't ready for an announcement to be made. Regardless, he didn't take kindly to the report itself, but the reasoning behind it remains to be seen.

To Conclude

Monday night was hectic in Oxford, and regardless of what happens moving forward, Ole Miss and Kiffin need to make some form of public statement regarding his future. If last week's rumors were not a distraction in Fayetteville, Monday night's episode on social media has made this a national headline. 

With a rivalry game taking place in two days, that's not where the Rebels want to be.

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