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LIVE UPDATES: No. 3 Oregon vs. Arizona

Keep it here for all your updates from Autzen Stadium Saturday Night.

Where: Autzen Stadium (Eugene, Oregon)

When: Saturday, September 25 at approx. 7:30 p.m. PST


Announcers: Dave Flemming (play-by-play), Rod Gilmore (analysis), Stormy Buonantony (sideline reporter)

Stream: FUBO TV; Pac-12 Live

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FINAL: 41-19 Oregon


- Clock runs out, and the Ducks improve to 4-0.

Arizona drive 0:24:


- Ty Thompson throws incomplete on four straight snaps to give the ball back to Arizona on a bizarre series.

- Cross Patton is in at running back.

Oregon drive 0:46:


- Nate Heaukulani picks off McCloud with 0:46 seconds remaining to seal the deal. Ducks have picked off McCloud five times.

Arizona drive 1:09:


- The Ducks punt with 1:09 remaining in the game.

- Ty Thompson is in at quarterback.

- Brown throws incomplete to Johnny Johnson III who is clocked from behind.

Oregon drive 2:12:


- Lucas Havrisik misses a field goal from 40 yards. Oregon takes over from their own 30.

- Brandon Dorlus blazes off the edge and pressures McCloud into throwing out of bounds. On the ensuing snap, he crashes into Anderson for a loss of a yard.

- Drake Anderson catches a pass for a first down. Arizona near the red zone.

- Treven Ma'ae sacks McCloud.

- Oregon calls timeout with 5:04 remaining. A 22-point lead has never felt so uncomfortable.

- Wiley bounces off a collision with Jordan Happle for a first down.

- McCloud throws incomplete down the field to Berryhill, but Trikweze Bridges is called for pass interference. Arizona in Oregon territory.

- Arizona's offense has turned the ball over four times, including twice in the red zone. The Wildcats try once more to cut into the lead as Drake Anderson bolts for a 17-yard gain.

Arizona drive 7:04:


- Bennett Williams steps in front of another pass for his second interception and takes this one to the house for a 68-yard pick-six. PAT is good. 41-19 Oregon (7:04 4Q)

- McCloud throws to Curry for a first down, and Michael Wiley carries twice on back-to-back carries for a first down.

Arizona drive 8:21:


- Brown throws complete to an open Spencer Webb for an 18-yard touchdown. PAT is good. 34-19 Oregon (8:26 4Q)

- Arizona jumps in the neutral zone again, and Brown throws complete to Johnny Johnson III who jumps for the grab. Oregon at the Arizona 20.

- Brown fakes a throw and scrambles for three yards. A lot of quarterback runs that have not amounted to much yardage. Brown has 39 yards on 11 carries.

- Brown throws outside to Verdell, but there is no play as Arizona jumped offsides.

- Aumavae-Laulu is called for a false start.

- Verdell carries again for another first down. He hadn't seen any carries for several drives, but he's the focal point of this one.

- Verdell finally carries the ball for a gain of 13.

- Ducks will take over at the Arizona 41.

Oregon drive 12:26:


- Dontae Manning is in coverage as McCloud's throw falls short, intended for Curry. Wildcats will punt from deep in their own territory as they are penalized for a false start before the punt.

- McCloud throws a jump pass as he's pressured by Heaukulani but it falls incomplete.

- Keith Brown tackles Wiley on a three-yard gain. Oregon could use a big stop here to get off the field for once this half.

- Wildcats get some breathing room as Wiley picks up a first down. Noah Sewell is down on the field.

- On a bizarre kickoff return, Jamarye Joiner is penalized for an illegal forward pass. Arizona takes over at the Arizona 5.

Arizona drive 13:37:


- Camden Lewis nails a 43-yard field goal. 27-19 Oregon (13:37 4Q)

- Anthony Brown throws to nobody and the Ducks will kick a field goal.

- Ducks haven't been able to establish the run since early in the game.



- Seven McGee with a big gain on a completion for a first down. Oregon fans will endure their most nervous "Shout" in recent memory as the third quarter comes to a close.

- Hutson drops a pass that would have been a first down.

- Dye catches a short pass for 21 yards.

- Oregon's first snap on this drive is a false start. Oregon has -7 yards in this quarter.

Oregon drive 1:36:


- Drake Anderson jumps into the end zone for a one-yard touchdown. PAT is good. 24-19 Oregon (1:36 3Q)

- On fourth and one, McCloud spins for the first down. Arizona is 3-for-3 on fourth downs in this game.

- Anderson carries on consecutive plays and comes up short on third down and two.

- Drake Anderson is open and catches a pass for the first down. Wildcats in the red zone now.

- McCloud is pressured and throws to the turf. Crowd roars as they want an intentional grounding.

- McCloud throws incomplete to Casteel, but Mykael Wright is called for a defensive pass interference. Tough showing for the Ducks defense despite the three interceptions.

- Arizona's offense has dominated today. McCloud carries a couple times and picks up a first down on a third and short.

- As the Ducks finally force a three and out, Noah Sewell is called for a roughing the passer penalty that extends the drive.

Arizona drive 7:06:


- Anthony Brown is tackled in the end zone for a safety. Mo Diallo is credited with the safety. 24-12 Oregon (7:11 3Q)

- Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu is on the field at right tackle.

Oregon drive 8:29:


- McCloud throws to the corner of the end zone and Verone McKinley III steps in front of the pass for his fourth interception of the season. Ducks take over at their own two-yard line.

- Popo Aumavae and Nate Heaukulani have been getting into the backfield, bringing down Michael Wiley for no gain.

- McCloud throws to Cunningham, who is tackled toward the first down by Mykael Wright. McCloud rushes for a first down on the no-huddle play, losing his helmet in the process. Gunner Cruz comes in.

- Stanley Berryhill goes uncovered for a first down, surviving a big collision.

- Adrian Jackson and Bennett Williams fly to the ball and bring down Berryhill to force a fourth down and five at the Oregon 38. Arizona will go for it.

- Noah Sewell and Jake Shipley pressure McCloud and force an incompletion.

- DJ Johnson bursts off the edge and brings down Anderson for a loss of a yard.

- McCloud, as protected as ever, throws to a wide-open Alex Lines for a first down into Oregon territory.

- Anderson evades multiple tacklers for a first down.

- McCloud throws to a wide-open Curry for a first down.

- Anderson with a short gain on the first play of the second half. ESPN reports that Kayvon Thibodeaux will not return to the game.

Arizona drive 14:57:


HALFTIME: 24-10 Oregon

Halftime Thoughts: Oregon vs. Arizona


- Brown's throw on the final play of the first half is batted back by JB Brown.

- On third and 12, Kris Hutson makes an acrobatic catch at midfield. Hutson spins the ball and taunts the Arizona defensive back and is called for unsportsmanlike conduct. Mario Cristobal throws his headset and bellows at Hutson.

- Mycah Pittman returns the punt and is tackled on the Arizona sideline. Arizona defender steps over him, which Pittman did not like and a scrum ensues. Personal fouls assessed on Pittman and Christian Young.


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Oregon drive 1:03:


- Noah Sewell's athleticism is on full display as he brings down Anderson to force a punt.

- Brandon Dorlus makes a tackle for loss on first down, and then chases McCloud to force an incompletion. Autzen is rocking on this third down, forcing a delay of game to bring up third and 16.

- BJ Casteel gets his first touch, catching a short pass. Jalen John catches a pass for a first down.

- Wildcats once again are called for a false start.

- Nate Heaukulani pressures McCloud, who throws the ball to the sideline.

Arizona drive 2:45:


- Tom Snee's punt is a beauty, downed at the Arizona 16. A 52-yard punt overall. Arizona will take over with 2:45 left until halftime.

- On third and long, Brown throws to a contested Terrance Ferguson, but it is batted away. Three and out for the Ducks.

- Brown is sacked for a loss of three yards.

Oregon drive 4:24:


- On a weirdly designed play, Berryhill runs out of bounds for a loss on third down to the Oregon 10. 28-yard field goal is GOOD. 24-10 Oregon (4:24 2Q)

- Arizona uses its final timeout of the half on a third and five with 4:55 left in the first half trailing by 17.

- Mase Funa flies to the ball and tackles Wiley for a short gain.

- Berryhill carries to the left and collides with Mykael Wright, who might be called for targeting. After review, there is no targeting.

- Arizona lines up to go for it on fourth down and 2 at the Oregon 47. McCloud heaves it to Berryhill, who comes back for the ball. Oregon secondary looked confused on the play. Wildcats pick up 35.

- McCloud scrambles and is clipped by Verone McKinley III to bring up third down. Kayvon Thibodeaux limps to the sideline and is being checked out on the sideline by medical staff. Arizona takes timeout with 6:27 left in the second quarter.

- Ducks defense looks much faster tonight, as Noah Sewell and Mase Funa chase down Berryhill on a carry. Arizona facing a third down and 12.

- Bennett Williams makes an unbelievable play, going low on his blocker and pushing his blocker into Drake Anderson who trips up for no gain.

- DJ James is being thrown at repeatedly, as McCloud completes to Berryhill for another first down.

- McCloud throws to Boobie Curry for a first down. DJ James in coverage.

- Keyon Ware-Hudson blazes into the backfield and brings down Drake Anderson for a loss of three yards.

- Cunningham returns the kickoff to the Arizona 20. Micah Roth brings him down, looking like Troy Dye wearing No. 35 out there.

Arizona drive 9:54:


- Brown throws to a contested Terrance Ferguson for a nine-yard touchdown to cap off the 80-yard Ducks' drive. PAT is good. 24-7 Oregon (9:59 2Q)

- Brown throws under pressure to Johnson, who makes a tough grab for a first down. Ducks in the red zone.

- Seven McGee is on the field running routes, and Brown's throw to him is incomplete to bring up third down.

- Johnny Johnson III is grabbed on a deep throw, and Arizona is called for a defensive pass interference.

- Dawson Jaramillo is out there at left tackle. He's the lead blocker for a Travis Dye 30-yard gain.

Oregon drive 13:40:


- McCloud scrambles and throws to the back of the end zone and it is intercepted by Mykael Wright, who makes a spectacular grab. Huge stop for the Oregon defense.

- Wiley picks up the first down. Arizona, who averaged only 79 rushing yards per game, is almost up to 100 already.

Start of second quarter


- Arizona's offense seems to have a whole new energy with Jordan McCloud at quarterback. Oregon's defense is having a tough time defending the run, especially when McCloud carries the ball, but Bennett Williams has looked like the best player on the Ducks' defense tonight.

- Oregon's offense has been electric with some big plays, but the defense needs another big stop as the Wildcats will begin the second quarter at the Oregon 16.



- Bennett Williams has been EVERYWHERE. He comes up to bring down Wiley for a one-yard gain.

- On third down and four, Arizona, the worst third-down offensive team in the country, gets a first down on a McCloud run for 19 yards.

- Bennett Williams does a great job getting off the block and brings down Cunningham on a screen.

- McCloud throws over the middle to Berryhill for another first down into Oregon territory.

- Arizona's offensive line does a great job keeping McCloud in the pocket, but he rushes for a first down. 

- Cunningham returns the kickoff once again and is brought down by Terell Tilmon and Johnny Johnson III at the Arizona 30.

Arizona drive 4:09


- The Ducks, who put up 17 points in the first 30 minutes against Stony Brook last weekend, had 17 points in the first 10 minutes and 44 seconds.

- CJ Verdell carries up the middle and swerves around multiple defenders for an 11-yard touchdown. Ducks come right back and answer Arizona's long TD drive with a 75-yard drive on five plays in just under two minutes. PAT is good. 17-7 Oregon (4:16 1Q)

- Huge hole created by the Ducks o-line for Travis Dye who blasts off for a 54-yard run. Christian Young tackles him to the Arizona 11.

- Brown's throw to Troy Franklin is bobbled and caught for a first down.

- Brown runs to the right and gets tripped up and is a little slow getting up. Ducks using Brown on designed runs quite a bit.

- Brown goes deep to Redd, who bobbles the ball and can't come up with it.

Oregon drive 6:15:


- A pressured McCloud throws to an open Bryce Wolma, who rumbles into the end zone for a 11-yard touchdown. Wildcats go 83 yards on 10 plays. PAT is good. 10-7 Oregon (6:15 1Q)

- Kayvon is back on the field.

Kayvon Thibodeaux Returns from Injury vs. Arizona

- Arizona burns its second timeout of the first quarter. Autzen crowd likely affecting the Wildcats' offensive communication.

- McCloud runs for a gain of 16, and Michael Wiley carries for four. Oregon's front is having a tough time defending the run. Arizona gets called for a false start to back up.

- DJ Johnson is called for a late hit as Stanley Berryhill III carries for a first down. Wildcats take it to the Oregon 26.

- Kayvon Thibodeaux has not been on the field on this drive. Jake Shipley, who was announced as the starting JOKER over the PA system, is on the field. DJ Johnson is on the opposite side.

- McCloud throws to an open Stevie Rocker for 18 yards and a first down.

- Drake Anderson is the focal point of this Wildcats drive, carrying the ball three times and picking up the first first down of the game.

- Cunningham returns the kickoff and is brought down on an excellent open-field tackle by Trikweze Bridges. Arizona is called for a hold and the drive begins on the nine-yard line.

Arizona drive 10:45:


- Brown fakes the pitch to Verdell and tries to run into the end zone but is stopped by Anthony Pandy to bring up fourth and goal and a field goal attempt. 21-yard field goal by Camden Lewis is GOOD. 10-0 Oregon (10:51 1Q)

- Brown throws low and incomplete to Terrance Ferguson, and the Ducks face third down and goal at the three-yard line.

- Arizona jumps offsides, and Brown bulldozes his way for a first down inside the five-yard line.

- Brown overthrows Mycah Pittman on a throw to the right corner of the end zone.

- Brown runs the ball on the first play of the second drive, but Alex Forsyth gets called for a false start before the second play.

- Jackson Powers-Johnson is in at right guard for the Ducks on their second drive of the game.

Oregon drive 13:47:


- Jordan McCloud is the Wildcats' starting quarterback. He gets pressured immediately on the first play and chucks up a wild throw that is intercepted by Bennett Williams. Can't get off to a faster start for the Ducks in the first 73 seconds. Oregon takes over at the Arizona 25.

- Tayvian Cunningham returns the kickoff and gets thumped by Bennett Williams at the 23-yard line.

Arizona drive 13:54:


- Jaylon Redd somehow stays on his feet on a throw to the middle and blows past the Wildcats secondary for a 63-yard touchdown. Shades of De'Anthony Thomas wearing No. 6. PAT is good. 7-0 Oregon (13:58 1Q)

- Travis Dye gets the first carry and the first down for Oregon, spinning his way past the marker.

- Anthony Brown is on the field for the Ducks' first drive.

Oregon drive 15:00:



- Arizona has won the toss and deferred. Oregon will get the ball to start this game.

- Keith Brown announced as a starter at linebacker over the PA system. Brown did not play last weekend against Stony Brook.

- Defensive end Kayvon Thibodeaux has come out of the tunnel in full pads.

- DJ Johnson is going through early on-field warmups with the edge defenders.

- Defensive end Bradyn Swinson is in street clothes on the sideline.


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