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Brandon Lockhart Talks Oregon Offer as Recruitment Picks Up

Catching up with one of Oregon's latest offers out of Southern California.
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The Oregon Ducks aren't wasting any time identifying young talent. That's why they recently offered 2026 Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola High School cornerback Brandon Lockhart-- who was named first-team defense All-Angelus league. 

Rashad Wadood and the Oregon coaches were his first college offer and he's since picked up offers from San Jose State, Penn State and nearby USC.

Ducks Digest was able to speak with Lockhart in San Antonio, where he was a standout performer at the National Combine.

Q: What's your frame right now?

Lockhart: "I'm 6'2", 165 pounds, still trying to get it up a little bit before the season starts."

Q: I know that you got to take part in the National Combine, what was it like being out there and how do you feel like you did?

Lockhart: "I feel like I did good. It was a good experience getting to go against great athletes all across the country and overall it was a great experience."

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Q: You're a 2026 prospect, where do you feel like your game is at and where are you hoping to take it to?

Lockhart: "I feel like I'm at a decent point. Definitely I could use some improvement. I do constant training with my DB coaches, Coach Fig at Premium. I feel like a few more years I'll be able to take it to the next level. Finally get those stars I need."

Q: Where do you see yourself in the secondary?

Lockhart: "Definitely at corner. I started off at safety, but I feel like everybody wants to be a receiver so might as well be the ones that lock 'em down. I prefer corner."

Q: What is it you like about playing corner?

Lockhart: "Most people don't choose corner cause you're playing backwards, but I find it very easy to play backwards. My dad, he played DB so it's always just been there." 

Q: Your recruitment is starting to pick up after your first offer from Oregon. Wanted to get your reaction to that and what that means to you?

Lockhart: "I was surprised. It took a lot to get there and I appreciate them for reaching out to me and blessing me with that offer."

Q: What do you know about Oregon, what stands out to you about the Ducks?

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Lockhart: "What everybody says, they do have great uniforms. I know a few of their coaches. Their DB coach (Rashad) Wadood. I used to go back with him in youth days. I've always known about Oregon. It's overall a great program."

Q: You also have an offer from San Jose State, isn't there a family connection there?

Lockhart: "My brother (Justin), he was originally at Nevada but his receiver coach left so he went to San Jose with him. He's doing pretty good there, this is his last year. Hopefully he can get the eye of some NFL scouts and maybe have potential to make it to the league."

Q: What's your mindset going into your recruitment?

Lockhart: "I'm gonna take it easy right now. We're gonna take it slow, nice and easy. It's great that it's coming so early."

Q: Have you been to take trips to any schools?

Lockhart: "I took one to Arizona last year but not any recently."

Q: Now that your recruitment is starting to pick up are you hoping to take any trips?

Lockhart: "Definitely. I'm open to taking any trip to any college. It's great to see a lot of the campuses and what the programs could bring to me."

Q: For schools that are starting to look at you, what do they need to know about the young man you are and the player you are?

Lockhart: "My work ethic. I'm always gonna put in 100 and it's gonna show on the field, off the field and in academics. I'm not just a football player I take my academics very seriously. I'm not just an athlete I'm a student athlete."

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