Ranking Penn State's Prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft

NFL Draft Bible values Micah Parsons and Jayson Oweh quite highly. But several other Lions are worth watching.

What's the outlook for Penn State in the 2021 NFL Draft? It's top-heavy with Micah Parsons, Jayson Oweh and Pat Freiermuth, according to NFL Draft Bible, but several other players are worth watching.

Several former Nittany Lions, notable Jayson Oweh and Micah Parsons, delivered a showcase at Penn State's Pro Day. Nearly every NFL team (save for the Los Angeles Rams) attended the campus combine to watch Oweh run a 4.36 time in the 40-yard dash and Parsons to run a 4.39. Defensive end Shaka Toney had a strong day as well, and tight end Pat Freiemuth was able to catch passes during individual drills.

Parsons, Oweh, Freiermuth and Toney, Michal Menet and Will Fries will represent Penn State at this transitional form of the combine. They also represent Penn State's best bets in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The scouts at NFL Draft Bible have compiled a comprehensive database of nearly 600 players ranked by position and value. NFL Draft Bible ranks the players not only on their draft value but also on their future prospects.

A few takeaways regarding Penn State's prospects:

  • Parsons is the top-ranked 4-3 outside linebacker in the draft and the No. 5 prospect overall with former Alabama receiver Jaylen Waddle.
  • Oweh, the No. 1 player at 4-3 defensive end, is a first-round pick with a tremendously high ceiling. NFL Draft Bible projects him becoming a valuable starter in the NFL.
  • Freiermuth, the No. 3 overall tight end, should be a second-round pick and could be an All-Pro at his NFL peak.
  • Toney, who played defensive end, should turn himself into a draftable outside linebacker. Watch for Toney as a late-rounder.
  • And don't forget Wade. Though considered a free-agent pick at safety, Wade garnered a decent projected value.

Let's take a closer look at the Penn State players by rank, according to NFL Draft Bible. First, here's a guide to the value rankings:

  • 10-9.6: Franchise talent
  • 9.5-9.0: All-Pro
  • 8.9-8.4: Solid starter
  • 8.3-7.9: Average starter 
  • 7.8-7.4: Solid backup
  • 7.3-7.0: Backup
  • 6.9-6.5: Bottom of the roster
  • 6.4-6.0: Developmental
  • 5.9-5.5: Practice squad

Micah Parsons

  • Projected round: 1st
  • Position rank: 1st at 4-3 outside linebacker
  • Current player value: 8.4
  • Projected player value: 9.5

Jayson Oweh

  • Projected round: 1st
  • Position rank: 1st at 4-3 defensive end
  • Current player value: 7.2
  • Projected player value: 8.7

Pat Freiermuth

  • Projected round: 2nd
  • Position rank: 3rd at tight end
  • Current player value: 7.4
  • Projected player value: 8.9

Shaka Toney

  • Projected round: 7th
  • Position rank: 10th at 3-4 outside linebacker
  • Current player value: 6.6
  • Projected player value: 7.6

Michal Menet

  • Projected round: Free agent
  • Position rank: 10th at center
  • Current player value: 6.6
  • Projected player value: 7.6

Lamont Wade

  • Projected round: Free agent
  • Position rank: 21st at free safety
  • Current player value: 6.2
  • Projected player value: 7.4

Will Fries

  • Projected round: Free agent
  • Position rank: 25th at guard
  • Current player value: 6.2
  • Projected player value: 7.2

For everything NFL Draft, visit NFL Draft Bible on SI.com.

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