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Where The Latest NBA Mock Drafts Project GG Jackson To Land

South Carolina's men's basketball star, GG Jackson, is set to find out his NBA home on Thursday. Where do the experts have him going?
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GG Jackson is one of the youngest and most intriguing prospects heading into this year's NBA Draft. After helping a South Carolina men's basketball squad remain competitive despite their final record this past season, the Columbia native will now look to bring a volume-shooting skillset to an NBA franchise looking to add some offensive juice to their team.

The question now is, with all of the workouts and interviews complete, where will GG Jackson go? I went and compiled the latest mocks from multiple major news organizations, and this is what I found:

Bleacher Report: 39th pick to the Charlotte Hornets (via Utah Jazz)

The Sporting News: 32nd pick to the Indiana Pacers (via Houston Rockets)

NBA Draft Room: 32nd pick to the Indiana Pacers (via Houston Rockets)

ESPN: 37th pick to the Denver Nuggets (via Oklahoma City Thunder)

Yahoo Sports: 39th pick to the Charlotte Hornets (via Utah Jazz)

The consensus throughout the majority of these mock drafts seems to be that GG Jackson will be a high-upside second-round draft pick, vastly different from the projections that were out around a month ago. Jackson has worked out for teams like the Charlotte Hornets and the Indiana Pacers, along with others like the Atlanta Hawks, Orlando Magic, and the New Orleans Pelicans. If Jackson does indeed drop this far on Thursday night, a team will most certainly be getting a steal, considering what Jackson offers as an offensive playmaker.

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