Brian Baldinger Breaks Down Andre Cisco's Game

The NFL Network analyst has high praise for the former Syracuse safety.
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Former Syracuse star safety Andre Cisco is one of the best prospects at his position in the 2021 NFL Draft. On Sunday, NFL Network's Brian Baldinger posted on Twitter a film breakdown of Cisco's game and how it translates to the NFL. You can watch the video below or read his commentary below as well. 


"From the Cuse, safety," Baldinger says in the video. "They play a lot of this three deep for Dino Babers, alright, on third and long. Watch the break here on this ball. This guy covers a lot of ground. I mean, a lot of ground. Watch this, this is an NFL play. They're going to blitz the curl flat defender here. He's (Cisco) going to come up and cover the tight end. Watch this right here. See this? Watch the feet. Watch the hip. Open - flat. There he is, perfect position, upfield shoulder. Now here's the 4.4 speed, go and make the play. You see it over and over and over again. 

"Here he is on the flex tight end. Watch him. He doesn't just take off, because he's got great speed. He might have to get over the top on a wheel. So let's see the route first. Straight flat route, no problem. There's the break, jumps right in front of the ball and takes it away. Now, this is an NFL play right here. Here he is on the slot receiver. One on one football, the whole field with no help. What I like right here is how he finds the ball right there. Find the ball, don't panic, make a play on the ball. Over and over again. Here he is, umpire in the way right here, against Florida State. Don't panic. Halfback pass, Cam Akers. Now go find some work. Jumps in the passing line, drops that one. That could have been his 14th interception. Led the nation as a freshman at the Cuse with seven interceptions. 

"So you see this situation. He sees it quickly, watch the angle. Bam, right in front of him. Cover three, bam, looks at him make the break. One more. Three deep coverage right here. I love the break on the ball. See this? Here's the break. It's like bowling for dollars. He's going to knock over every pin to get the ball. If the ball's in the air, it's his ball. Guys got skills. Coming back from an ACL now. Andre Cisco's going to be a good player in the NFL."