Wildhack Says Babers Will Coach SU in 2021

Dino Babers receives vote of confidence from Syracuse’s Director of Athletics.
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It is safe to say that the SU Football team has been off to a rocky start. When things start to head south, it is easy to start blaming the person in charge of the team-in this case- Dino Babers. Syracuse AD John Wildhack says that his intention is to stick with Babers for the long Haul, telling Syracuse.com, "He's going to be our coach in 2021 and I hope for a long time." 

The Orange have started with a 1-4 record, which is considered one of the worst starts in SU football history. That being said, SU Football has also had a string of bad luck in the beginning of this season, so it is hard to say where the team would've been at this point if thy had less injuries. All-American safety Andre Cisco is out for the rest of the season on an injury and declared for the NFL draft. Starting quarterback Tommy Devito is also out on an injury. Woth those two players missing, there are some very big shoes that have to be filled- a difficult task for any head coach. 

Despite all of the bad luck and unfortunate circumstances that the SU Football team has faced in its 2020 season thus far, Wildhack confidently says in the article by Syracuse.com that Babers will be returning for another shot to compete in the 2021 season:

“He’s going to be our coach in 2021 and I hope for a long time," Wildhack said. "That’s what he wants. That’s what I want. At the same time, we all know this is a result-oriented business to some degree. When you look at everything we’ve had to deal with this year, it’s been incredibly challenging. I’m not going to judge the book on Coach Babers solely on this year. I’m not going to do that. You can’t make emotional decisions. If you make emotional decisions, more often than not, you make the wrong decision. It’s about where are we deficient and how do we correct it?”