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Game Notes: Syracuse 32 Purdue 29

The Orange starts the season 3-0 after a thrilling victory.

First Quarter

  • The Orange’s first drive was nothing like it has been. Just three plays, two of them being incomplete passes. Syracuse punt.
  • Aidan O’Connell and the Boilermakers tore through the Cuse defense, driving all the way down the field into the redzone. On 3rd and 15, a 12 yard catch by Charlie Jones was close and possibly reviewable. Before the Orange or the officials could do so, Purdue ran a quick play on 4th down and 3 but were stopped by the Syracuse defense. Turnover on downs.
  • Mid-way through the second Syracuse drive, Shrader unloaded a pass down the left side of the field to Isaiah Jones that was flagged for defensive pass interference. One play later, LeQuint Allen and Shrader could not connect on a trick play that had the Boilermaker defense fooled. 3rd and 6, an incomplete pass forced 4th down. Andre Szmyt kicks a field goal. (1st 5:33 | Purdue 0-3 Syracuse)
  • O’Connell made a great use of their second-best pass catcher, TE Payne Durham, who had four receptions for 28 yards in just the first quarter. During this drive, Charlie Jones was shaken up after catching a pass. He briefly ran into the locker room and returned to the sideline a few minutes later. Devin Mockobee scored a 15-yard rushing touchdown to put the Boilermakers ahead. The PAT was blocked. (1st 0:39 | Purdue 6-3 Syracuse)
  • Syracuse begins their next drive near midfield, down by just a field goal.

Second Quarter

  • A hectic sequence of events with Carlos Del-Rio Wilson in for one play after, Shrader went down following a QB keeper. An illegal forward pass from the backup QB forced 4th down and a punt.
  • The motto for Purdue in the first half was launch it downfield and Charlie Jones will be there somewhere. Twice on the same drive O’Connell and the boilermakers converted on 3rd down to move the chains. Eventually, it ended on a 40-yard field goal. (2nd 7:29 | Purdue 9-3 Syracuse)
  • Slowly but surely the Syracuse offense is starting to wake up. Largely in part to Shrader’s ability to run and create on the ground. Sean Tucker had a few carries on the drive but after a lot of confusion on 3rd and 5, Andre Szmyt missed a Field Goal. His first miss of the season.
  • A quick three and out as Syracuse DB Justin Barron broke up a pass intended for Durham. Boilermakers punt.
  • A holding call set the Orange back to 2nd and 20. Two plays later, it looked like Shrader fumbled, and Purdue scooped it up on the Syracuse 37 yard-line. But it was ruled an incomplete pass.

HALF | Purdue 9-3 Syracuse

Aidan O’Connell – 21-27, 175 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT.

Garrett Shrader – 4-9, 35 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT.

Third Quarter

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  • Purdue begins the half with the possession but goes 3 and out as Syracuse’s defense came out of the half with energy. Purdue punts.
  • Syracuse’s first drive out of the break is highlighted with another penalty—this time a sideline warning—that sets up 3rd and 20. A pass attempt was batted down and Syracuse punts.
  • The Boilermakers had two separate opportunities to convert on 3rd down during this drive and were not able to cash-in on either one of them. They did grab the line to gain on 4th down but punted on the next.
  • On their third 3rd down try of the drive, Shrader was late hit by Purdue DE Jack Sullivan that moved the chains for Syracuse and put them in striking distance. After 16 total plays on the drive, Shrader hooked up with Isaiah Jones in the end zone to pout the Orange ahead. (3rd 2:11 | Purdue 9-10 Syracuse)
  • Purdue gets the ball to and the quarter ends.

Fourth Quarter

  • On third down and long, Steve Linton jumped offsides and brought down O’Connell but a five-yard penalty made it 3rd and short on the next play. The Boilermakers convert and drive it all the way down the field to score six when O’Connell hooked up with Payne Durham for his first touchdown of the season. (4th 11:25 | Purdue 15-10 Syracuse)
  • A 4th and 1 results in a 46-yard touchdown pass between Shrader and Oronde Gadsden that puts Syracuse out in front. The second touchdown pass off the half for Garrett Shrader came on a beautiful disguised play right that resulted in his receiver wide open left. (4th 8:17 | Purdue 15-18 Syracuse)
  • On the first play of the drive, O’Connell is wrapped up by Jatius Geer but before he is taken down, he throws the ball and it is intercepted by Syracuse DE Caleb Okechukwu. He takes it all the way to the end zone and the Orange take a two-score lead. (4th 8:08 | Purdue 15-25 Syracuse)
  • Just four plays are all Purdue needed to respond in the loud house. A couple passes to Durham moved the ball towards mid-field, but it was Charlie Jones who caught a 55-yard pass and punched in the score. His fifth of the year. (4th 6:41 | Purdue 22-25 Syracuse)
  • The Orange get near the 50-yard line but they do not complete on 3rd and long. Syracuse punts.
  • On 3rd and 5, a 51-yard catch by Charlie Jones put the Boilermakers near the redzone. But 3 plays later, Purdue elects to kick a field goal and misses. Turnover on downs.
  • A quick 3 and out forces Syracuse to punt the ball from inside their own 30.
  • Purdue starts the drive with 2:30 to go and no timeouts on their own 44-yard line. On 3rd and 10, O’Connell and Deion Burks move the chains. A 12-yard catch by Durham scores another touchdown for Purdue to take the lead. (4th 0:51 | Purdue 29-25 Syracuse)
  • The final Syracuse drive began 30 yards closer after two separate unsportsmanlike conducts on Purdue. Then on 3rd and 10, another penalty on the Boilermakers move the chains to the 40-yard line. A long play down the left sideline to Damien Alford was originally ruled a catch on the field but reviewed and overturned. One play later, a pass interference on the defense gave Syracuse another chance at the 25-yard line with 12 seconds to go. Then Shrader and Gadsden connect again for a 25-yard catch to win the game.

FINAL | Purdue 29-32 Syracuse

Aidan O’Connell – 38-54, 415 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT.

Charlie Jones – 10 rec, 179 yards, 1 TD.

Garrett Shrader – 13-29, 181 yards, 3 TD, 0 INT.

Oronde Gadsden – 6 rec, 112 yards, 2 TD.