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Justin Barron Discusses Transition From WR to DB

The second year freshman is hoping to make an impact on the other side of the ball.

Justin Barron came to Syracuse as part of the 2020 recruiting class. After starting his Orange career as a wide receiver, he has transitioned to defensive back for the 2021 season. caught up with Barron to discuss that and more. 

Q: What are your thoughts on the upcoming season?

Justin Barron: "I think we look really good right now. Put in a lot of work recently and all throughout the offseason to put ourselves in position to be successful." 

Q: How will your experience as a wide receiver benefit you as a defensive back?

Barron: "Just being able to see plays, formations. Help recognize what's really coming before the play. Just from knowing the offense." 

Q: What skills are transferable from your time as a wide receiver to defensive back?

Barron: "Ball skills for sure. Being able to track the ball in the air. That's something I think I do well." 

Q: What has been the most difficult part of the transition?

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Barron: "Running backwards now instead of running forward. I've always done both in high school, but coming here and playing receiver, then going back to learn a whole new playbook while going backwards." 

Q: Any particular area you are still working on as a defensive back?

Barron: "Not specifically. Just trying to get better every day. Get better in everything that I do." 

Q: How do you balance academics and athletic responsibilities?

Barron: "School is obviously our biggest priority. Coaches preach that every day. They do a great job helping us with that with our academic advisors. Help us keep our priorities straight. It's a good balance for us." 

Q: What are you looking forward to the most this season?

Barron: "Getting in the Dome in front of fans. It was weird playing there, it was my first year here obviously, but being there with no fans was weird for sure. That's our 12th man. It gives us an advantage that not many people in the country really have when they play, so it's good for us." 

Q: What are your personal and team goals for the upcoming season?

Barron: "Personal, just get better and help our team win every single day. Win in practice. For the team, flip our record around."