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Peel it Back Ep. 3

The third episode of Peel it Back

Welcome back to Peel it Back! This episode is special in many ways, first we have our guest Jacob Payne, and he does everything and anything Syracuse football. He is the reason we call this episode the Football episode. We dove right in to the the past two games and the problems that the team need to fix as well as previewing Saturday's game against Georgia Tech. We also went a little off topic and discussed some hot topics from the sports world.

We first went into why we think Syracuse hasn't performed as well as they hoped. Is it because of Covid-19 or is it because of the many different pieces that have failed to come together? We talk about that exactly and why we think two quarterbacks are not better than one. 

We then go into Saturday's game against Georgia Tech and what seems to be one of the few games Syracuse can capitalize on to get their first win. We discuss the health and safety of Tommy Devito and if Rex Culpepper needs to step in the game at all. Overall we are excited for this weekend's home opener.

As a bonus, we go off topic and discuss everything from paying college athletes, eligibility of players,  to our favorite NBA teams and Maya's faith in her team. 

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Look forward to the next episode coming next week. Let us know what you want to hear in future episodes!