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Syracuse Football: Babers Sees Separation in QB Battle

Separation at the quarterback position...  but separation by whom?

With camp almost halfway done, Syracuse Football’s main focus is camp and camp only. However, Coach Babers explains that there is a ton of time left before the first game.

“We got a bunch of time before the first game,” Babers said. “We have repped a whole bunch of people and now we’re going to start sharpening the pencil and getting ready to write some notes.”

Evaluation is underway in Syracuse and Coach Babers only admits to there being separation at the quarterback position and not disclosing who is the actual frontrunner.

“I thought there was a little bit of separation, we’re going to really start to tune that up starting tomorrow,” Babers said. “It’s time to start whittling down and making sure we’ve got the right people in there.”

The competition between Tommy DeVito and Garrett Schrader is the talk of the town in Syracuse this summer. Schrader, the transfer from Mississippi State, exhibits a completely different playstyle than DeVito. The Orange offense can go in two completely different directions and we will have to wait to see where the offense is headed.

Coach Babers was ecstatic Tuesday afternoon after practice due to his team's physicality.

“The big thing about a football team is you can close your eyes and there’s a sound,” Babers said. “There’s certain sounds that should happen at practice. And those sounds happened today, that got me excited.”

The thudding, crunching, and popping sounds made Coach Babers day. The aggressive goal line period at the beginning of practice is what Coach Babers expects from his team in all facets of the game now.

The coaches are harping on competition at every position. In the secondary, it is open for the taking; each player should have the ability to play different positions, said Babers.

The emphasis on special teams in pre-practice was evident and Babers believes it plays an integral role in winning games. The special team drills in practice have garnered special attention due to its level of competitiveness.

As the Orange move forward in camp, the team will have a clear cut decision on who will be starting at each position. For now, the focus is competing and getting better day by day.