Syracuse Commits React to Wildhack's Vote of Confidence in Babers

Syracuse commits are excited about playing for Dino Babers.
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Syracuse Director of Athletics John Wildhack gave Dino Babers a vote of confidence earlier this week. We spoke to several of the Orange's class of 2021 commits to get their reaction to the news. 

DB Duce Chestnut: "That's expected. Coach Babers hasn't done anything to get even close to being fired. He can't control injuries. But you see the potential he has a coach with having 10 win season and getting guys to the NFL. So I expect coach Babers to be there for a very long time."

QB Justin Lamson: "I'm excited about the AD saying that. I want to play for coach Babers." 

WR Kendall Long: "That's extremely good to hear because I strongly believe in what coach Babers morals and the type of team he is building at Syracuse." 

DB Malcolm Folk: "Definitely great news. I never doubted that anything would change. Really looking forward to getting up there to help turn things around."

OL Wes Hoeh: "That's great to hear. I was recruited by coach Babers and would love to play with him as my coach. Coach Babers and the rest of the recruiting staff was one of the biggest reasons I committed to Syracuse." 

DL Jatius Geer: "I feel like people are making a big deal out of one bad season. There's still time to turn this season around. Once the class of 21 gets there people are going to know why coach Dino is here to stay." 

TE Landon Morris' father: "It's music to my ears. I know a huge part of Landon's decision to go with Syracuse was because of coach Babers and his style of football. We both love the energy he brings to the table. I'm an old man and he gets me fired up when I hear him talk. It's great to hear the AD has that kind of confidence on coach Babers." 

OL Austyn Kauhi: "I'm not surprised since there were too many things that happened that couldn't be controlled."

OL Tyler Manguson: "Never had a doubt about the situation, but it's great since I'm really excited to play for coach Babers. I'm also very excited to contribute to Cuse." 

DL/LB Derek McDonald: "I love it. Wouldn't want to play for anyone besides coach Babers." 

LB Austin Roon: "Definitely glad to hear that. Coach was one of the biggest reasons I committed." 

DL Elijah Fuentes: "I'm very excited and feel coach babers should be the coach for a long time. It takes a team and the players overall to help put a program on top and that will happen."

DL Hayden Nelson: "It was great to see that. I committed to Syracuse to play for coach Babers and the current staff, so I was very happy to hear that."