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Game Log: Dream Aggies Season Ends in 5-1 Loss to Oklahoma

Follow along through nine innings as Texas A&M keeps its hopes alive in the College World Series against Oklahoma

Texas A&M isn't looking for just another win in the College World Series. The Aggies are looking for two. 

After a 13-8 loss in the CWS opener to Oklahoma, No. 5 Texas A&M found itself fighting to stay alive for the remainder of the time in Omaha. The Aggies picked up a monumental 10-2 win over in-state rival Texas on Sunday. Two days later, sophomore Nathan Dettmer pitched seven shutout innings in a 5-1 win over Notre Dame. 

A&M needs two wins in a rematch against the Sooners to advance to the CWS final. Oklahoma has been one of college baseball's hottest teams, scoring 19 runs in its two wins and using a high-end starting rotation to leave the bullpen rested. 

The Aggies are one of three programs from the SEC to make the Final Four in Omaha. Either Arkansas or Ole Miss will play for a shot at a national title this weekend. Will A&M join one of its SEC West foes? 

Stick with as we follow all the in-game action from Omaha between Texas A&M and Oklahoma.


Here is the starting lineup for Texas A&M:

1. 3B Trevor Werner 

2. 1B Jack Moss

3. LF Dylan Rock

4. DH Austin Bost

5. 2B Ryan Targac

6. C Troy Claunch

7. RF Brett Minnich

8. CF Jordan Thompson 

9. SS Kole Kaler

PITCHING: Ryan Prager (1-3 4.89 ERA)

Here is the starting lineup for Oklahoma: 

1. RF John Spikerman

2. SS Peyton Graham

3. 1B Blake Robertson

4. CF Tanner Tredaway

5. C Jimmy Crooks

6. 3B Wallace Clark

7. 2B Jackson Nicklaus

8. DH Cade Horton

9. LF Kendall Pettis

PITCHING: David Sandlin



Pitching: David Sandlin 

- Trevor Werner struck out looking (K)

- Jack Moss struck out swinging (K)

- Dylan Rock struck out swinging (K)


Pitching: Ryan Prager

- John Spikerman grounded out to Jack Moss (3)

- Peyton Graham walked

- Blake Robertson singled to left field

- Tanner Treadway flied out to Jordan Thompson (F8)

- Jimmy Crooks homered to right field, Robertson scored, Graham scored 

END OF FIRST INNING: Oklahoma 3, Texas A&M 0



Pitching: Sandlin 

- Austin Bost flied out to Kendall Pettis (F7)

- Ryan Targac struck out looking (K)

- Troy Claunch singled to right-center

- Brett Minnich singled to right, Claunch to third

- Jordan Thompson struck out swinging (K)


Pitching: Prager

- Jackson Nicklaus flied out to Jordan Thompson (F8)

- Cade Horton struck out swinging (K)

- Kendall Pettis struck out swinging (K)

END OF SECOND INNING: Oklahoma 3, Texas A&M 0


Pitching: Sandlin

- Kole Kaler grounded out to Jack Moss, Prager covering (3-1)

- Trevor Werner struck out swinging (K)

- Jack Moss singled to second base

- Dylan Rock popped out to Ryan Targac (P4)


Pitching: Prager

- John Spikerman singled to center field (caught stealing)

- Peyton Graham doubled down the left field line

Pitching change: Jacob Palisch for Ryan Prager

- Blake Robertson reached safely on E5, Peyton Graham scores

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- Tanner Tredaway flied out to Brett Minnich (F9)

- Jimmy Crooks singled to center, Robertson to third

- Wallace Clark grounded out to Trevor Werner (5-3)

END OF THIRD INNING: Oklahoma 4, Texas A&M 0


Pitching: Sandlin

- Austin Bost walked

- Ryan Targac singled to left, Bost to second

- Troy Claunch struck out swinging (K)

- Brett Minnich struck out swinging (K)

- Jordan Thompson struck out swinging (K)


Pitching: Palisch

- Jackson Nicklaus struck out swinging

- Cade Horton grounded out to Ryan Targac (4-3)

- Kendall Pettis struck out looking (K)

END OF FOURTH INNING: Oklahoma 4, Texas A&M 0


Pitching: Sandlin

- Kole Kaler flied out to Kendall Pettis (F7)

- Trevor Werner struck out looking (K)

- Jack Moss grounded out to Peyton Graham (6-3)


Pitching: Palisch

- John Spikerman singled to left field

- Peyton Graham struck out swinging (K)

Spikerman advanced to second on a wild pitch

- Blake Robertson walked

- Tanner Tredaway singled into left, John Spikerman scores

- Jimmy Crooks flied out to Dylan Rock (F7)

- Wallace Clark flies out to Brett Minnich (F9)

END OF FIFTH INNING: Oklahoma 5, Texas A&M 0


Pitching: Sandlin

- Dylan Rock homered to left-center

- Austin Bost flied out to Kendall Pettis (F7)

- Ryan Targac grounded out to Blake Robertson (3)

- Troy Claunch struck out swinging (K)


Pitching: Palisch

- Jackson Nicklaus grounded out to Jack Moss, Palisch covering (3-1)

- Cade Horton reached on a throwing error (E6)

- Kendall Pettis popped out to Jack Moss (P3)

- John Spikerman grounded out to Jacob Palisch (1-3)

END OF SIXTH: Oklahoma 5, Texas A&M 1

TOP Seventh

- Brett Minnich popped out to short

- Jordan Thompson popped out to right field

- Kole Kaler - Strike out swinging

BOTTOM Seventh

- Peyton Graham Struck out swinging

- Blake Robertson Struck out looking

- Tanner Tredaway Struck out Swinging

END OF SEVENTH: Oklahoma 5, Texas A&M 1

TOP Eighth

- Werner lined out to right

- Moss walked

- Rock ground out to short, double play

Bottom Eighth

- Crooks grounded out to second

- Clark struck out looking

- Nicklaus struck out looking

END OF Eighth: Oklahoma 5, Texas A&M 1

- Bost single to center

- Targac ground out to first

- Claunch ground out to short

- Minnich strike out swinging

FINAL: Oklahoma 5, Texas A&M 1