Is Jimbo Fisher Worth His Extension?

Jimbo Fisher set to become second-highest paid college football coach in the land

Jimbo Fisher isn't leaving Aggieland anytime soon. 

Good. That was the plan way back in 2017 anyway. 

Texas A&M doesn't have to worry about Fisher going to another program. Aggie decision makers saw enough during his tenure at Florida State to offer the national champion coach a 10-year deal worth $75 million, all guaranteed, to come to College Station. 

Like any investment, a person can pull out or double down. After last season, was there little doubt on what A&M would do? 

Should Fisher, 55, remain at the helm for A&M under his new deal through 2031, he'll be 66. Should the Aggies continue to climb the ladder of college football elite, Jimbo will get get another extension dwarfing the $9 million annually currently heading his way. 

It's funny, though, since despite what should be universal approval of this new deal, there will always be naysayers. 

"What are they going to pay him if they actually wins something?"

"What has he actually won?"

Ah yes, the "can't beat Alabama" fans have entered the debate. It's always nice to see them make an appearance. 

Maybe folks are remembering the Kevin Sumlin era far too much. A hot start fizzled quick after Johnny Manziel departed for the NFL.

Yeah, this isn't close to that. 

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Winning on the field is one thing. Winning off it is another. 

Sumlin finished with one 10-win season in six years. After that, things declined. The program became stagnant. Games that looked easy on paper were far from it. The losses started piling up. Sumlin never had a better season than the season before. 

Eleven wins were followed by nine wins. Then came three straight eight win campaigns before a 7-5 season did him in. Players stopped buying into the culture. So did the boosters.

Recruiting tailed off, too. Sumlin finished top five once and top 10 twice. Most time, the Aggies were usually fifth or sixth in the SEC. 

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Fisher changed that in an instant. 

Fisher's classes have ranked 17th, 4th, 6th and 8th, respectively since his arrival. That first class were also players who mostly went through the recruiting process under Sumlin and stayed committed to the program.

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As for the 2022 class? Yep. A&M is top 10 again heading into the season. 

Defensively, A&M is just hitting its stride. Last season, they finished No. 1 in the conference in yards allowed. They finished ninth nationally and return nine starters to carry the torch in 2021. 

Sure looks like a "Wrecking Crew 2.0" is forming in Aggieland, though they expect to have a different name come Saturday. 

When also looking at the contracts of other paid coaches across college football, one might argue Fisher is overpaid. After all, he's 26-10 with only one New Year Six Bowl game victory since 2018. 

Then again, Fisher surely deserves more than Michigan's Jim Harbaugh ($8 million). In the same span since Fisher's arrival, he's led the Wolverines to a 21-11 record. He's looking for his first bowl victory since 2015. 

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Next up is Dabo Swinney ($8.3 million), who certainly deserves his pay as a two-time national champion who consistently is sending players to the NFL. 

Ed Orgeron ($8.7 million) does own a 2019 national title at LSU, but he could be on the hot seat should the Tigers suffer another subpar season.

Nick Saban (9.1 million) deserves every penny.

Fisher is making progress each season. Just look at the recruiting battles in state, as more players are saying "Gig 'Em" over "Hook 'Em" each season. 

Some might consider the Aggies' 9-1 season as a one-year aberration thanks to the uncertainty of a COVID-19-plagued campaign.

It could also be the start of something special forming. They're on the cusps of being one of college football’s darlings. Most of all, fans believe they have their man — the one meant to be here and nowhere else. 

Do you think the Texas A&M board is going to risk letting Fisher eventually walk? 

It's time to see Fisher and the Aggies win games. No, like really win games. Games against Alabama can't end in 28-point defeats. 

It doesn't feel like that's the case anymore. Fisher is building a program that can sustain.

Imagine what A&M will pay Fisher if and when he wins his second national title? 

Maybe by January, this newest contract will already feel outdated.

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