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Last week, Oklahoma State widened its gap in our weekly Power Rankings. Then Tech rolled into Stillwater and took all three games. That made our panel of fans make some changes in this week’s rankings.

TCU and Texas Tech are essentially tied, with TCU holding a razor-thin edge from our voters. The same is true when you look at the Big 12 standings. TCU and Tech have the same Big 12 winning percentage, but since they’ve played three more games, TCU has a 0.5 game edge over Tech. However, Tech has fewer losses, so a sweep this weekend, and the Red Raiders will be outright regular-season champions.

The shift between the top three is the only change from last week’s rankings, with spots 4-9 remaining unchanged.

Last week, we said the Big 12 had separated into four groups. This week that has changed to now be three groups:

  • The Contenders – Four teams have a chance to have a piece of the regular-season title – Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Texas Tech. Read our article here on all of the scenarios going into the last weekend of conference play that will determine the championship.
  • The Wannabes – Texas and West Virginia – neither has a chance at the title, but thanks to Big 12 tiebreaker rules, both could play a role in determining the seeding for next week’s tournament.
  • The “Is it over yet” Crowd – Kansas State, Baylor, and Kansas – As bas as KU’s season has been, there is still a small chance (very small) that they could make it to the tournament (only the top eight do). KSU and Baylor are trying to fend off KU and fight with each other as to which team gets the No. 7 seed and which gets the No. 8 seed.

With just one weekend remaining in the regular season, there’s still a lot that could happen.

Here’s how our panel of fans representing most Big 12 schools ranks the teams this week:

National rankings listed are based on current rankings by D1Baseball. Team records are through Sunday, May 15, and do not reflect any of this week’s midweek games.

Power Rankings

9. Kansas (20-32, 4-17), last week #9

TCU went into Lawrence last weekend and rolled over Kansas, outscoring the Jayhawks 53-11 over the weekend. Kansas now gets to end the season in Austin and hopes Baylor stumbles to get a chance to make it to the Big 12 Tournament.

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8. Baylor (24-24, 6-15), last week #8

Though they sit towards the bottom of the pack, Baylor can play a critical role this weekend. If they win just one game during their home series with OSU, the Pokes will not be able to share any of the Big 12 title. Frogs fans may feel sick in their stomachs to have to say it this weekend, but Sic ‘Em.

7. Kansas State (27-23, 8-13), last week #7

Can the Cats finish strong? A sweep this weekend over West Virginia could place them as the No. 6 seed in next week’s tournament. They could go even higher if Texas can’t pull off the sweep over Kansas. However, if WVU can get the sweep, KSU could drop as low as the No. 8 seed.

6. West Virginia (30-20, 11-10), last week #6

The Mountaineers are playing well enough that they more than likely will get the league’s sixth postseason bid. They are playing for final seeding and their postseason spot. And even if they finish conference play, there is one scenario in which WVU will play a role in determining the No. 1 seed in next week’s tournament. Read Scenario #6 here to see how that will have to happen.

5. #22 Texas (35-17, 11-10), last week #5

Four teams are in contention for at least a share of the Big 12 title. And Texas is not one of them. Who had that on their Big 12 baseball Bingo card this year? Oh, how the mighty have tumbled. Texas has slid down to a No. 5 seed (or lower) in the conference tournament for a team that started the season as the nation's number one pick.

4. Oklahoma (31-18, 13-8), last week #4

Oklahoma has quietly slid its way into the title conversations. A sweep this weekend in Lubbock Will give them a share of the title and the No. 1 seed in the tournament. Again, who had that one on their Bingo card? And before you say, “There’s no way Oklahoma can sweep Tech in Lubbock,” remember a week ago everyone was saying, “There’s no way Tech can sweep OSU in Stillwater.” Anything’s possible.

3. #8 Oklahoma State (34-17, 13-8), last week #1

Ouch. Last week, they were gliding towards an outright championship. This week, they have to sweep Baylor to get a share of the title. And thanks to the tiebreaker rules, they won’t be the No. 1 seed in the tournament. That’s okay, though. The Pokes have a bigger goal. They will still host a Regional, most likely, and could even be a high national seed to host a Super Regional.

2. #5 Texas Tech (35-16, 14-7), last week #3

How sweep it is! Tech rolled into Stillwater and pulled off the miracle sweep. This vaulted them up to the Top 5 in the national polls. Now, they control their own destiny. Sweep Oklahoma this weekend, and the Big 12 title is theirs outright. A sweep over OU will also help their national seed. Like OSU, they should host a Regional and probably even a Super Regional.

1. #24 TCU (32-18, 16-8), last week #2

The Horned Frogs have been on a rollercoaster ride all season. Despite losing three conference series (West Virginia and Oklahoma at home, Texas on the road), TCU is still in contention for at least a share of the conference title. If OSU and Tech can lose one game this weekend, Kirk Saarloos, in his first year, will have an outright Big 12 championship under his belt.

(Editor’s note – the margin in our tally between Tech and TCU is very, very thin. Essentially the two are tied, but TCU received one more first-place vote in our poll.)

Note: Power Rankings are determined by a group of fans representing most of the ten schools currently in the Big 12 Conference.

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