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At the players' press conference for TCU Men’s Basketball, we had two of the five starters address the media, and that was Mike Miles and Emmanuel Miller. And their expectations are basically what Coach Dixon has been preaching to them.

“Obviously we had a lot of days, but we know how to bounce back," said Miles. "It’s going to be an adjustment for us but we will be ready for our first conference game.” 

For Emmanuel, he stated on the COVID outbreak, “Of course this sucks, but we always find ways to overcome adversity.”

The two players had some outstanding comments about the league play of the Big 12 as a whole. How it’s going to be tough to play in this league, but they are ready for the competition and are ready to go take what is there. Emmanuel Miller spoke about what separates them from other teams and he stated, “Usually when a team has a lot of transfers like this. It takes a year for everyone to gel. But, not with us. We all get along with each other, and we all care for each other. We all come together which helps dial in and focus on the bigger picture.”

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The Horned Frogs know where they stopped, but they are ready for whatever challenge you throw at them because they have been ready for what they are called to do.

TCU is 10-1 and has won its last seven games. The Horned Frogs will host No. 1 Baylor on Saturday at 4 p.m. 

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