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Gary Patterson does not usually have much to say regarding the status of injured players on his team. So you can only imagine the excitement when our KillerFrogs very own Nick Howard heard Coach P make this statement at yesterday's press conference when asked about the return of some key players who missed the SMU game:

"Hopefully Corey (Bethley) may be back this week, George (Ellis) I think's got a chance to be back this week. Soni Misi is back this week. So there's three more defensive tackles that we did not have last week. I think Coleman will be back this week. I think a chance for Noah to be back this week."                       

                                            - Gary Patterson 

Woah, that is quite an unexpected mouthful, and all pointing towards the positive. So just to recap:

Player updates:

  • Corey Bethley - May be back this week
  • George Ellis III - Patterson thinks he has a chance to be back this week
  • Soni Misi - Back this week 
  • Khari Coleman - Patterson thinks will be back this week
  • Noah Daniels - Patterson thinks there is a chance he is back this week

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Frog fans have got to like the implications of this rare injury update from their coach. Now they are just hoping that Patterson was shooting straight when he made these comments, and that this is not just another example of coach speak used so often across the college football landscape. The only way to know for sure is to tune in this Saturday [FuboTV 11:00 ABC] to see who takes the field for the Horned Frogs at Amon G. Carter Stadium against the University of Texas Longhorns.