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Live Updates, Score, Game Notes: No. 1 Tennessee vs. No. 8 Vanderbilt

HOOVER, Ala. -- The No. 1 Tennessee BaseVols are set to take on the No. 8 seed Vanderbilt Commodores at approximately 6:15 p.m. CT in Hoover Metropolitan Stadium for their first game of the SEC Tournament. Vols vs. Commodores will begin 30 minutes after the completion of Texas A&M vs. Florida. A live feed of that game can be found here

Tennessee's game against Vanderbilt is a second round game since the top-ranked Vols received a first-round bye. The Commodores defeated Ole Miss in round one of the tournament in order to face the Vols on Thursday evening. 

The Vols were originally supposed to begin postseason play at 4:30 p.m. CT on Wednesday, but a series of weather delays in Hoover result in first pitch of Tennessee's first game occurring nearly 26 hours behind schedule. 

A full preview of Tennessee's matchup with in-state rival Vanderbilt is here. News on a KEY PIECE returning to the Vols' lineup can be read about here. Tony Vitello's SEC Tournament preview press conference is at the top of the article 

The pitching matchup between the Vols and Commodores is below.

UT Sophomore RHP Blade Tidwell (2-1, 2.62 ERA, 38 K/8 BB, .202 b/avg., 18 H, 7 R, 7 ER, 24.0 IP)


VU Freshman LHP Devin Futrell (8-2, 3.27 ERA, 59 K/10 BB, .213 b/avg., 43 H, 20 R, 20 ER, 55.0 IP)

The Vols' starting lineup against Vanderbilt is below: 

Lineup notes: 

-Christian Moore gets the starting nod at DH. Vandy is throwing a lefty, so it makes sense Burke is not starting at DH.

-Luc Lipcius is in the seven-hole with a lefty starting for Vandy, moving Jorel and Evan up in the lineup (two and six holes, respectively). 

-Tidwell starting for the Vols, affirming Vitello's prediction on Tuesday. (Watch above)

Vanderbilt starting lineup: 

CF Enrique Bradfield Jr. 

LF Javier Vaz

RF Spencer Jones

1B Dominic Keegan

DH Parker Noland

C Jack Bulger

SS Carter Young

2B Tate Kolwyck

3B Davis Diaz

The section below will be continuously updated with LIVE updates of Tennessee's SEC Tournament opener against Vandy. 


1st Inning: 


-Enrique Bradfield Jr. lines out to SS. 

-Javier Vaz is walked. 

-Spencer Jones flies out to RF. 

-Vaz steals second base. 

-Dominic Keegan pops up to 3B. 


-Seth Stephenson is plunked. 

-Jorel Ortega is walked after 12 pitches. 

-Jordan Beck grounds into a double play as Ortega is out at second. Stephenson moves to third. 

-Drew Gilbert smacks a two-out RBI double to left center to score Stephenson. 

-Trey Lipscomb grounds out to 2B. 

Score: Vols 1, Commodores 0

2nd Inning: 


-Parker Noland strikes out swinging. 

-Jack Bulger grounds out to 2B. 

-Carter Young grounds out to p. 


-Evan Russell pops up to SS. 

-Luc Lipcius reaches on a fielding error by Vandy's third baseman Davis Diaz.

-Christian Moore strikes out swinging. 

-Cortland Lawson singles to left field, advances to second on the throw. Lipcius advances to third, is OUT at home 3b to 2b to c. Not the best decision to go home there by Lipcius after the catch was bobbled by Vandy's second baseman. 

Score: Vols 1, Commodores 0

3rd Inning: 


-Tate Kolwyck flies out to the warning track at CF. 

-Davis Diaz is walked. 

-Diaz advances to second on a wild pitch. 

-Enrique Bradfield Jr. is robbed of a hit as Luc Lipcius makes a crossbody diving stop at first to get the groundout. Diaz advances to third. 

-Javier Vaz is walked. Second time he's been walked of the game. 

-Spencer Jones strikes out swinging. 


-Seth Stephenson singles up the middle. Stephenson has gotten on base both times on today. 

-Jorel Ortega delivers an RBI double to the left center wall as Stephenson scores all the way from first. 

-Jordan Beck flies out to LF. 

-Drew Gilbert hits an RBI single to LF to score Ortega. 

**Vandy pitching change: Nick Maldonado (2-1, 3.37 ERA) to pitch for Futrell**

-Trey Lipscomb is HBP. Gilbert advances to second. 

-Evan Russell drills an RBI double down the left field line. Gilbert scores and Lipscomb advances to third. 

-Luc Lipcius connects for a sac fly to center field as Lipscomb scores. Russell advances to third. 

-Christian Moore RBI singles to 2B, advances to second on a fielding error. Russell scores. 

-Cortland Lawson strikes out looking. 

Score: Vols 6, Commodores 0

4th Inning: 


-Dominic Keegan strikes out swinging. 

-Parker Noland singles up the middle. 

-Noland is caught stealing by Evan Russell. 

-Jack Bulger grounds out to 3B. 


-Seth Stephenson reaches first on a fielding error by Vandy third baseman Davis Diaz. 

-Jorel Ortega grounds out to SS. Stephenson advances to second. 

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-Jordan Beck is walked. 

-Drew Gilbert reaches on a fielder's choice as Beck is out at second. 

-Trey Lipscomb gets an RBI single to drop in left center as Stephenson scores from third. Gilbert moves to third. His 75th hit and 75th RBI of the season. 

-Evan Russell grounds out to 3B. 

Score: Vols 7, Commodores 0

5th Inning: 


-Carter Young annihilates a 3-2 pitch for a solo homer. Young's homer hit the scoreboard well over the right center wall. 

-Tate Kolwyck flies out to RF. 

-Davis Diaz singles to right center. 

**Kirby Connell (3-0, 1.17 ERA) on to pitch for Tidwell**

-Enrique Bradfield Jr. grounds into a double play to end the inning. 


**RHP Grayson Moore (1-0, 4.48 ERA) on to pitch for Maldonado**

-Luc Lipcius strikes out swinging. 

**Blake Burke pinch hitting for Christian Moore**

-Blake Burke nails one over the left center wall for a solo shot. His 11th homer of the season. 

-Cortland Lawson strikes out swinging, reaches first on a throwing error by Vandy's catcher. 

-Seth Stephenson pops up to 2B. 

-Jorel Ortega is walked. 

-Jordan Beck strikes out swinging. 

Score: Vols 8, Commodores 1

6th Inning: 


-Javier Vaz grounds out to SS. 

-Spencer Jones strikes out swinging. 

-Dominic Keegan singles up to left center. 

-Parker Noland is walked. Keegan advances to second. 

-Jack Bulger singles down the third base line. Bases loaded. 

-Carter Young grounds out to 3B to strand em. 


**Donye Evans on to pitch for Moore**

-Drew Gilbert strikes out looking. 

-Trey Lipscomb strikes out swinging. 

-Evan Russell is walked. 

-Luc Lipcius flies out to left center to strand Russell. 

Score: Vols 8, Commodores 1

7th Inning: 


**Camden Sewell (5-1, 3.02 ERA) on to pitch for Connell**

-Tate Kolwyck strikes out swinging. 

-Davis Diaz strikes out swinging. 

-Enrique Bradfield Jr. flies out to left center. 


**Ryan Ginther (0-0, 6.75 ERA) on to pitch for Vanderbilt**

-Blake Burke grounds out to p. 

-Cortland Lawson homers over the left field wall. His 11th of the season. 

-Seth Stephenson fouls out to RF. 

-Jorel Ortega grounds out to p. 

Score: Vols 9, Commodores 1

8th Inning: 


-Javier Vaz lines out to 1B. Another great defensive play by Luc Lipcius.

**Will Mabrey (2-0, 2.31 ERA) on to pitch for Camden Sewell**

-Spencer Jones flies out to CF. 

-Dominic Keegan strikes out. 


**Carter to p for Ginther**

-Jordan Beck flies out to LF. 

-Drew Gilbert is walked. 

-Gilbert advances to second on a wild pitch. 

-Trey Lipscomb is walked. 

-Evan Russell is walked. 

-Luc Lipcius RBI grounds out to 1B. 

**Christian Scott pinch hitting for Blake Burke**

-Christian Scott strikes out swinging. 

Score: Vols 10, Commodores 1

9th Inning: 


**Ben Joyce on to pitch for Mabrey**

-Noland strikes out swinging. 

-Espinal flies out. 

-Young flies out to CF. 

Score: Vols 10, Commodores 1

FINAL: Tennessee 10, Vanderbilt 1

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