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Updates, Score, Game Notes: No. 1 Tennessee vs. Mississippi State Series Finale

STARKVILLE– The top-ranked Tennessee Baseball Volunteers (48-7, 24-5 SEC) are set to take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs in Dudy Noble Field on Saturday for the final game of the series and the regular season. First pitch between UT and MSU is at 2 p.m. CT/3 p.m. ET in Starkville. SECN+ has the stream. 

Tennessee won the series on Friday with a close 4-3 win, backed by a three-run two-out rally, including a two-run homer from Drew Gilbert, in the top of the eighth and a terrific bullpen outing from Blade Tidwell. 

Freshman Chase Burns was also solid as the Friday night starter, dealing six strikeouts and allowing only three runs on 80 total pitches in six innings of work. 

The update feed from game two can be found here, and a recap from the series opener–in which Tennessee destroyed the Bulldogs–can be found Here

Tony Vitello's most recent post-game press conference is above, courtesy UT Athletics Baseball Communications. 

Tennessee's starting lineup for the series finale is below. 

Lineup notes: 

-Burke starts for the fourth consecutive game at DH, making this series the first time the freshman has started every game in an SEC series. 

-No changes at all in the lineup for the first time in all three games of a series. 

Pitching matchup: 

Vols Fr. RHP Drew Beam (8-1, 2.54 ERA) vs. Miss. St. So. RHP Cade Smith (4-3, 3.66 ERA)

The Vols will be wearing orange tops and white pants for the final game of the regular season. Tennessee is looking to sweep the Bulldogs today with a win. A Tennessee series sweep would mark the ninth sweep this season for the Vols. 


The section below will be continuously updated with updates and the score between the Vols and the reigning College World Series Champions in game three of the series in Starkville. 


1st Inning:


-Seth Stephenson flies out to CF. 

-Luc Lipcius grounds out to 2B. 

-Jordan Beck strikes out swinging. 


-RJ Yeager homers to left center field on a 2-1 count. 

-Hancock is walked on a full count. 

-Tanner lines out to 3B. 

-Hines grounds into a double play at SS, Hancock out at second. 

Score: Vols 0, Bulldogs 1

2nd Inning:


-Drew Gilbert reaches on catcher's interference. 

-Trey Lipscomb homers to left center for a two-run shot. 

-Jorel Ortega works a walk on a full count with no outs. 

-Blake Burke reaches on a fielding error by the left fielder, as Brad Cumbest collides with the short stop. Looks like Cumbest hurt his mouth in the collision, was slow to get up and exits the game. Ortega moves to second. 

**Pico Kohn on to pitch for an injured Cade Smith**

-Evan Russell flies out to CF. 

-Cortland Lawson is walked. 

-Seth Stephenson sac fly to CF. Ortega scored and Burke advances to third. 

-Cortland Lawson steals second. 

-Luc Lipcius is finally walked after a marathon at-bat. 

-Jordan Beck lines out to CF. 


-Davis flies out to LF. 

-Kellum Clark singles up the middle. 

-Clark steals second. 

-James RBI singles to right center. Clark scores to cut the lead. 

-James steals second. 

-James caught stealing at third by Evan Russell as he over slides the bag. 

-Skinner grounds out to SS. 

Score: Vols 3, Bulldogs 2

3rd Inning:


-Drew Gilbert singles up the middle. 

-Trey Lipscomb flies out to CF. 

-Jorel Ortega homers to left center for a two-run bomb that scores Gilbert. Vols lead 5-2

-Blake Burke flies out to RF. 

-Evan Russell grounds out to 3B. 


**Ben Joyce to pitch for Drew Beam**

-Forsythe grounds out to 3B. 

-Yeager flies out to RF. 

-Hancock HBP. That's gonna leave a mark as Joyce fired a pulled fastball right at Hancock's thigh. 

-Tanner strikes out swinging. 

Score: Vols 5, Bulldogs 2

4th Inning:


-Cortland Lawson lines out to right center. 

-Seth Stephenson is walked. 

-Luc Lipcius singles down the left field line. Stephenson advances to third. 

-Lipcius advances to third and Stephenson scores on a throwing error by State's first baseman. 

-Jordan Beck is walked. 

-Drew Gilbert pops up to 2B. 

**Jackson Fristoe (3-4, 7.68 ERA) to pitch for Kohn**

-Trey Lipscomb is walked. Bases loaded. 

-Jorel Ortega strikes out looking. 


-Hines grounds out to SS. 

-Jess Davis is walked. 

-Kellum Clark singles through the right side. Davis advances to third. Close call on the tag. 

-James HBP to load the bases. 

**Kirby Connell to pitch for Ben Joyce**

-Skinner reaches on a fielder's choice. Davis out at home. Bases loaded with two outs. 

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**Leggett pinch hitting for Forsythe**

-Leggett reaches on a fielder's choice, James out at second. 

Score: Vols 6, Bulldogs 2

5th Inning:


**Leggett to SS**

-Blake Burke strikes out swinging. 

-Evan Russell homers to left center. 

-Cortland Lawson pops up to 1B. 

-Seth Stephenson flies out to CF. 

**Evan Russell's homer gives him 38 on his career, tying the Todd Helton's program record**


-Yeager grounds out to 3B. 

-Hancock lines out to right center. 

-Tanner grounds out to 3B.

Score: Vols 7, Bulldogs 2

6th Inning:


-Luc Lipcius singles to left field.

-Jordan Beck doubles down the LF line. Lipcius advances to third.

-Drew Gilbert hits a two-run double down the RF line. 

-Trey Lipscomb grounds out to SS. Gilbert moves to third. 

-Jorel Ortega makes contact for an RBI groundout to score Gilbert. 

-Christian Moore, pinch hitting for Blake Burke, strikes out swinging. 


-Hines flies out to right center. 

-Davis strikes out swinging. 

-Clark grounds out to 2B. 

Score: Vols 10, Bulldogs 2

7th Inning:


-Evan Russell pops up to 3B. 

-Cortland Lawson strikes out swinging. 

**Kyle Booker pinch hit for Seth Stephenson**

-Booker strikes out swinging. 


**Camden Sewell on to pitch for Connell**

**Booker to LF for Stephenson**

-James singles up the middle. 

-Skinner singles through the right side. James to second. 

-Leggett RBI singles to left field to score James. 

-Yeager singles to center to load the bases. 

**Will Mabrey to pitch for Camden Sewell**

-Yeager reaches on a fielding error by Lipcius. Skinner scores, bases still loaded. 

-Tanner strikes out swinging. 

-Hines grounds into a 4-6-3 double play. 

Score: Vols 10, Bulldogs 4

8th Inning:


**Tullar to pitch for Fristoe**

-Luc Lipcius grounds into p on a full count. 

-Jordan Beck lines out to RF. 

-Drew Gilbert singles to right center. Could've been a double but Gilbert falls down rounding first. It'll keep him there. 

**Talley to pitch for Tullar**

-Trey Lipscomb reaches on a fielding error by State's left fielder. Gilbert out on the throw home. 


-Davis singles down the LF line, out at second LF to 2B. 

-Kellum Clark homers to left center. 

-James strikes out swinging. 

-Skinner flies out to LF down the LF line. 

Score: Vols 10, Bulldogs 5

9th Inning:


**KC Hunt to pitch for Talley**

-Jorel Ortega out 1B to p. 

**Christian Scott pinch hitting for Christian Moore**

-Christian Scott strikes out swinging. 

-Evan Russell grounds out to 2B. 


**Redmond Walsh to pitch for Will Mabrey**

-Leggett grounds out to 2B. 

-Yeager lines out to LF. 

-Hancock out 1b to p. 

Score: Vols 10, Bulldogs 5

FINAL: Tennessee 10, Mississippi State 5

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