Heupel Will Use 'New-Age Approach, Aggressive Style of Football' to Rebuild at Tennessee

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"I'm excited about what we're embarking on. I'm excited to be a part of Vol Nation," Josh Heupel stated during his introductory press conference. "I'm excited to do my very best for the state of Tennessee every single day. I promise you that our staff will do the exact same thing, and I promise you that we are going to embark on becoming what we're capable of becoming as a football program day-by-day and chasing and winning championships."

Heupel inherited a Tennessee program facing NCAA sanctions, and a roster strained in multiple ways. When he chose to leave UCF to come to Tennessee, he undoubtedly knew an uphill rebuild was the task at hand.

He discussed how he plans to rebuild Tennessee earlier today during an appearance on the Jim Rome Show.

This is the flagship program inside of the state. The passion and energy that surrounds our program 365 days out of the year is unmatched anywhere in college football. That's why they have a 103,000-seat stadium, Heupel said during his appearance.

"For me, the great passion and energy has always been in being in a place where you're building something; you're creating something. That's what we're doing here. This is a tradition that is as deep as anywhere in the country. We get an opportunity to rebuild that, but do it with a new-age approach and put a product out there that I think is going to be extremely exciting."

Heupel's offensive system has scored points at every stop, and it has been the face of Tennessee's selling points on the recruiting trail and culture change since he arrived in Knoxville.

However, he made it clear the Vols were putting a completely new look on the field in the future, including the defensive side of the football under Tim Banks.

"It's going to be an aggressive style of football on offense and defense. Different than maybe what the approach has been here in the recent past, and we get to recruit to that. We get to develop our players, and then we get to go have a heck of a lot of fun on Saturdays," Heupel told Rome during the show.

Since arriving in Knoxville, Heupel's new staff has brought a high-pace, high-energy to the program and on the recruiting trail. The new 2022 recruiting slogan: "eVOLution22- Embrace the Change," is something Heupel is instilling across the entire culture of his new workplace.

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