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Bad Beer: Texas Tech Coach Joey McGuire Loves a Cold Drink, But Wants Fans to Stop Throwing Cans

The actions from the loud and proud Texas Tech student section drew cause for concern during Saturday's win over Houston.

There was plenty to feel festive about in Lubbock on Saturday, as the Texas Tech Red Raiders moved to 2-0 after a thrilling 33-30 double-overtime win over the No. 25 Houston Cougars. 

Some like to celebrate with a cold beer, including Tech coach Joey McGuire, who admitted that he likes to drink one every so often. 

But the celebrations from the loud and proud Texas Tech student section drew cause for concern on Saturday, as beer cans and water bottles were thrown onto the field during the second quarter when the Red Raiders took a 17-3 lead right before halftime. 

Tech senior associate athletics director Robert Giovannetti said they're "not 100 percent certain, it was a Tech fan," but that the debris was indeed flying from the student section. 

"That was right before halftime," McGuire said, "so at halftime, they came (over) and the back judge said, 'Man, I nearly got hit.' They were pretty upset. I did ask them, did they take a drink if it wasn't open? He didn't think it was very funny at the time, because he was pretty (angry) that he nearly got hit."

McGuire made light of the situation, but was adamant about getting the point across that throwing cans onto the field of play is unacceptable since it could potentially hurt players and officials or simultaneously  cause a 15-yard penalty for the hometown Red Raiders. 

"The one that really confuses me is beer bottles thrown on the field," he said, "especially when they're half full or some of them were full. That really confuses me, because I like a cold beer every once in a while, and I definitely don't want to throw it away.

But I think it's really important to understand that (fans) are a part of, 'Don't beat yourself.' Our fans have a huge effect on the game and the passion that we play with, and the worst thing that could happen coming into games — where we still have five at home — is we get penalized for something like that. That's the worst thing as far as, 'Don't beat yourself.' "

One of the light-hearted celebratory traditions at Tech is one that sees fans harmlessly tossing tortillas on the field during big games. McGuire is all for this, but wants fans to make sure they're keeping traditions safe by doing the right thing.

"It's really important to uphold all the traditions of Texas Tech," McGuire said. "Throwing water bottles and beer bottles on the field are not one of our traditions. I want to make sure we do the right thing and take care of each other when it comes to that."

The Red Raiders will get their first taste of road action against the No. 16 N.C State Wolfpack on Saturday, as Tech looks for back-to-back ranked wins. 

And by the time McGuire and the team get back to Lubbock and Jones AT&T Stadium for the start of Big 12 play against the Texas Longhorns on Sept. 24, maybe things will be straightened out in regards to the beer-throwing fiasco. 

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